RA Meeting Minutes 10/5/14

Bates College Student Government

Representative Assembly


In accordance with the Bates College Student Government Bylaws

(Article I, Section 4)

Sunday, October 5th, 2014 4:00pm-5:30PM | Meeting Room: Commons 221/222

  1. Announcements
    1. Robert’s Rules of Order Information Session
      1. In the future there will be an information workshop for the “heavy” literature of Robert Rules of Orders
      2. Professor Clough, who has done experimental college courses at other college regarding leadership, is interested in offering an hour long session to go over the rules in depth. Alyssa asks for a show of hands to gage interest; 7 representatives, including Tomás, for whom it is mandatory to attend these information sessions.
  2. Ratification of Minutes from 9/28/2014
  3. Public Participation
    1. Welcomed student sitting in meeting not from RA
  4. Officer Reports
    1. Vice President of Student Clubs (Paul Fourgous ‘15)
      1. Bates Weightlifting Club
        1. Two presidents of the club came to the meeting; Nate Henneman and Cormac McCarthy. Spoke about the premise of the club; want to help students not affiliated with sports teams set and achieve goals in the gym through proper weight room etiquette and technique. Want to create a community where students can find help and support regarding building strength and working in the gym. Both have experience in competitive weight lifting; have considerable knowledge about building strength. Happy to help with the complex techniques, as well as the simpler stuff, like squatting. “They know what they are doing and can teach it well to other students” – Paul
        2. Expenses? The main expense would be for an olympic bar, which are less rigid and made from a different material than the ones in the gym now. It is an essential item to weightlifting, but there is donation coming from Nate’s father and his company.
        3. Insurance cost (like with circus club) needed? Paul highly doubts they will need any insurance. Also, the club’s purpose will not be to get people to weight-lift competitively. Strength and fitness are much more about than competing, and the purpose is to create a peer based, supportive community rather than push people to compete.
        4. If competing is not the goal what is the point of the expensive goal and insurance? The club will not force olympic lifting on people. Nate has the experience, and will be able to offer the opportunity to lift olympically the right way, if students want to learn. Insurance will not be necessary. Are in contact with Kevin of the weight room. There is no allocated funding; would not be interested in paying for a club.
        5. Motion to vote: For: 28. Against: 0. Abstaining: 2. Passes.
      2. Bates Steel Pan Orchestra Club
        1. There was a popular class provided by a professor in the past, and the activity is no longer offered. All the material is available on campus, and all that would be needed is participation.
        2. Club president Sarah spoke about the creation of the club. Looking to get people who are interested in steel pan music together, no matter their level or experience.
        3. Expenses? The budget would only be needed to maintain the condition of the instruments.
        4. What will future leadership look like? Currently don’t have many underclassmen involved, but with more communication to the student body involvement will rise.
        5. Motion to vote: For: All. Against: 0. Abstaining: 0. Passes.
    2. Vice President of Student Committees (Tenzin Namdol ‘15)
      1. Fall-Seated Committees list was presented to the RA.
      2. Tenzin and Sarah spoke about their work interviewing and selecting students to be on the various committees. Felt strongly about all chosen students, and are optimistic about their selections. In the past, they have been trying to find better ways to advertise the committee seat options to the wider Bates community, and if anyone in the RA has suggestions, they should feel free to speak to Sarah or Tenzin.
      3. Do committees publish updates and accomplishments? Depends on the committee; not necessary for all committees, who may only meet twice a semester. However, having information about what committees do would be useful for students making decisions about joining committees.
      4. Motion to vote: For: 29. Against: 0. Abstaining: 1. List passes.
    3. Parliamentarian (Allen Sumrall ‘16)
      1. Discussion / Vote on Constitutional amendment for senior class co-presidents presented last week. No objections or qualms from the RA.
      2. Motion to vote: For: 28. Abstaining: 2. Two-Thirds vote of entire RA needed to pass, so amendment does not pass.
        1. Alyssa spoke about attendance and how necessary it is to make things happen. Reviewed the policy for excused and unexcused absence. Allen spoke about the unclear literature in the bylaws about sending a substitute; sending a substitute will not count towards your absence quote. Allen wrote up a very brief amendment to Section 7 of Article I which reiterates this specificity. Tomás then spoke about the necessity of sending a substitute so that the RA can keep making things happen.
    4. Treasurer (John Stansel ‘15)
      1. Spoke about the text of the co sponsorship applications that were voted on in the budget meeting. Two did not meet the threshold: Club Field Hockey was put on hold to discuss their keeping of gear. Another Club was rejected as they did not apply in time.
      2. Budget Committee voted on two:
        1. Law and Politics society – Planning for Professor Wood to come to Bates and speak about South Asian studies and politics. Was in India during the last election, and will come and speak about her experiences. Club has received funding from Econ, Politics, Anthropology and Asian Studies departments as well. Requesting $851. Budget committee voted unanimously to grant the club $631. They axed the cost of dinner, as commons is available, and $20 was taken off travel to Portland.
        2. Motion to vote: For: 30. Against: 0. Abstaining: 0. Motion passes.
        3. Africana Club – Coordinator of the club came to speak about a small business conference at Middlebury, and how Bates should work to offer the same opportunity at Bates. Club aims to bring in people who have experience with African politics and speak to students during Parent’s Weekend. The club will bring in speakers such as the head director of technologies of IMB for Africa, a Bates alumni who is a lawyer with a focus on anti-corruption. The event will not only host speeches, but also hold discussions led by those knowledgeable of the topics that will be covered.
        4. Students from other schools have been invited, including Middlebury and Tufts. The only limitation regards the budget and accommodating these students.
        5. Requested $1500, Budget committee voted to grant $700. Most of the funding would go to food for the event, which, with the access to commons, is an unnecessary burden. However, the committee did not want to handicap the event, and settled on $700 which will allow 37 people to attend commons twice, or allow Africana Club to cater one of the events wholly.
        6. Motion to vote: For 30. Against: 0. Abstaining: 0. Motion passes.
  5. Committee Reports
    1. It’s On Us
      1. Met earlier today. Wrote up an agenda, which was presented to the RA. It focused on a campus wide leaders meeting, communication initiatives to the whole student body about the It’s On Us movement, and publicity regarding the pledge and Facebook involvement.
    1. Pass/Fail Grading Committee
      1. Will meet at the conclusion of the RA meeting.
  6. Member Reports
    1. Member from the Alternative Planning Committee came to speak about involvement and future planning. Encouraged RA members to suggest alternatives to the halloween dance.
  7. Adjournment


Respectfully submitted,

Katharina Harling ’17