RA Meeting Minutes 10/12/14

Bates College Student Government

Representative Assembly


In accordance with the Bates College Student Government Bylaws

(Article I, Section 4)

Sunday, October 12th, 2014 4:00pm-5:30PM | Meeting Room: Commons 221/222


  1. Announcements
    1. Alyssa reviewed what was stated last week regarding the upcoming Information Session covering Robert’s Rules of Order. (See RA Meeting Minutes 10/5/14)
  2. Ratification of Minutes from 10/5/14
    1. Vote to ratify: all voted for. Ratified.
  3. Officer Reports
    1. Parliamentarian (Allen Sumrall ‘16)
      1. Vote on Constitutional amendment for senior class co-presidents. Allen reiterated the amendment regarding the new role of senior class president. Vote: For: All. Abstaining: 0. Against: 0. Passes.
      2. Vote on attendance bylaw amendment. Allen reiterated the new literature regarding the policy of sending a substitute in your place: sending a sub does not count as either an excused or unexcused absence. Vote: For: 29. Abstaining: 1. Against: 0. Passes.
      3. Allen spoke about the EJC and its role in ensuring that the constitution is followed in all BCSG decisions and actions. Asked for the help of future committee members in running that, as well as to keep in mind that a member of the EJC will be chosen to become Parliamentarian next semester. Encouraged members of RA to apply, or contact Tenzin with questions. Applications are open the following Friday.
    2. Vice President of Student Committees (Tenzin Namdol ‘15)
      1. Honorary Degree Committee
        1. Tenzin reviewed what she said about the Honorary Degree Committee last meeting. The Committee of Committees selected two female juniors to join the committee; they showed passion about Bates and its mission, responsibility and a strong sense of confidentiality regarding the process of choosing recipients. Vote: For: 29. Abstaining: 1. Against: 0. Passes.
    3. Treasurer (John Stansel ‘15)
      1. OUTFront Co-Sponsorship
        1. Club requested for funding for Janet Mock to come to Bates, who is a black, transgender editor of People’s magazine. Requested $1500, which the Budget Committee voted to give. OUTFront wrote that a lot of other clubs sponsored the event, such as Women in Leadership, Women of Color, Sankofa, and many others.
        2. Teddy and Hannah, members of OUTFront, came in to answer questions, regarding who would truly be sponsoring the event. Teddy said that some of the clubs hadn’t been contacted yet, and were listed as potential overlaps. Department: Dean of Faculty gave a $4000 grant, A learning initiative contributed $600, and other clubs and departments donated as well, resulting in an initial fund of $6650. Also spoke about the significance of Janet Mock and her work. She will be giving a lecture, holding a Q&A, visiting student classes, and meeting with students over meals.
        3. Vote: For: 26. Abstaining: 2. Against: 2.
      2. New Business from John
        1. At the next meeting, John will be presenting inactive and deactivated clubs that are requesting to be reactivated. Will also hold an introductory seminar for clubs about club budgeting and finances.
  4. President’s Report
    1. It’s on Us Committee Update
      1. Alyssa spoke about the committees past work, and future progress regarding leadership meetings, the Bates/It’s On Us seal, and drives. The committee has not needed any funding so far.
    2. Pass/Fail Committee Update
      1. Members completed some assignments to gather information from students and teachers. Will group and review to discuss.
    3. The Executive Council did not see a need to meet the next Sunday; asked the RA for input. Suggested an 8:30 – 9:00 pm on Sunday, 19th.
  5. Adjournment


Respectfully submitted,

Katharina Harling  ’17