RA Meeting Minutes 11/02/2014

Bates College Student Government

Representative Assembly


In accordance with the Bates College Student Government Bylaws

(Article I, Section 4)

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 4:00pm-5:30PM | Meeting Room: Commons 221

  1. Announcements
  2. Ratification of Minutes
    1. Vote: For: All. Against: 0. Abstaining: 0. Ratified.
  3. Public Participation
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Treasurer (John Stansel ‘15)-
      1. BCF Music Act
        1. The Bates Christian Fellowship is hosting an event featuring Christopher Williams. The cosponsorship has been long time coming, but there have been issues regarding the certificate of insurance, which is required for all performances featured on campus. The Budget Committee has voted to grant the club the full asked for $750. the BCF has done a good job minimizing cost and collecting money from other affiliated clubs.
        2. The BCF also has a good track record of hosting events that promote alternative social environments that offer a safe and productive atmosphere for students on campus.
    2. Vice President of Student Committees (Tenzin Namdol ‘15)
      1. EJC Update
        1. Finally selected four people. Evaluated all the candidates Based on understanding of constitution, ability to set aside biased, level of commitment, and ability to keep the process’s confidentiality.
      2. Campus Culture Working Group update
        1. Finished the first part of the election process: vetting round. There are 12 seniors applying, and they will be the first to be interviewed thoroughly.
        2. Alyssa also mentioned that a compromise of six students who will join the committee via election. Afterwards more students will be selected to add to the diversity of the students on the committee. The final count will probably be around ten.
        3. Sarah Stanley, members of the COC, spoke on the wide range of students who were nominated for the committee, including off campus and on campus housing, class year, interests, cultural backgrounds, etc.
    3. Trustees’ Advisory Committee
      1. Senior Eliza, chair of the trustees’ advisory committee, came to report about a meeting with a group of trustees’ to the RA. In the meeting, the main focus was health issues on campus, including resources in and outside of the health center available for students who require them, as well as the need for more services for students. The committee and the trustees also spoke about past issues, including sexual assault issues and the improvements made to the resources available. This discussion was interlinked with services available to touchy issues in general, beyond mental health issues and harassment. The last thing discussed was the recent alcohol policy on campus, and the negative response from students. The relationship between students and administrations was discussed, especially the upcoming working group and the various student perspectives on the changes to Bates’ culture.
      2. The trustees, all of whom receive the Bates Student, were aware and very receptive of the issues and reactions on campus. They also voiced their belief that resources for substance abuse regarding alcohol should be implemented on campus, and should be included in campus wide discussion.
      3. Vote: For: 26. Against: 0.  Abstaining: 4. Passes.
    4. President’s Report
      1. It’s on Us Committee Update
        1. Alyssa spoke about the upcoming event about Leadership on Campus, especially those who consider themselves leaders within the student body. The Committee will also be tabling in commons this week, promoting the pledge drive (It’s On Us Pledge)
      2. Community Liaison Program update + committee formation
        1. The Program was passed through legislation last year, asking clubs to create a community liaison position. Over the summer, Alyssa applied for a $5000 grant, which will be made into mini grants given to clubs when they host community engaging events. The clubs will be applying for the grants, and a committee is going to be created to decide how the grant will be parceled out. Another option is this process being overseen by the budget committee, rather than creating a new committee.
        2. Motion to vote for the creation of an Ad-Hoc Committee with a minimum of 1 BC member. For: 28. Against: 1. Abstaining: 1. Passes.
        3. Volunteers for Ad-Hoc Committee
          1. Joseph Alp
          2. Ty Daylan
          3. Madeline Bruno
          4. Keila Ching
      3. Faculty Nominations process for Campus culture conversations
        1. Tenzin and Alyssa met with Dean Mcintosh about students involvement in selecting faculty for the committee. That process, however, has already started two months ago. Student body nominations will not factor in to the process, however, the Dean would like to solicit individual faculty members who would be included in the conversation, based on student recommendations of faculty members.
      4. NESCAC Student Government Conference
        1. The conference happens every semester. This year it is hosted by Hamilton. The college sends about five delegates every semester, including members of the Executive Council. The dates are November 15-16.
        2. RA members interested:
          1. Pratap Kung Khadka
  5. Old Business
    1. Robert’s Rules of Order Information Session
      1. The session will be the following Sunday, with professor Jean Clough.
  6. Adjournment


Respectfully submitted,

Katharina Harling  ’17