Faculty Advisory Committee Constitution

Faculty Advisory Committee Bylaws

This committee is responsible for acting as a liaison between the student body and the Faculty of Bates College. Responsibilities include meeting with the Dean of Faculty on a regular basis, as well as, attending monthly Faculty meetings, and creating greater transparency in regards to the workings of the Bates College Faculty and Administration.

I. Each academic year, each class will elect a new member to serve on the committee through the student election process. Each member of this committee once selected will serve on the committee until their departure from Bates.

i.  The composition of the committee will thus reflect the following class distribution:  Senior (4), Junior (3), Sophomore (2), First-Year (1).

ii.  Each member has the responsibility of making a good faith effort to attend each meeting and provide meaningful contribution.

iii.  Any member that fails to attend ⅓ of meetings within a given semester  will be subject to review, and, if necessary, suspension of his/her position in the committee.

a.  Suspension requires a two-thirds (2/3) Committee vote.

b.  In the event that a member is suspended, it will be left to the discretion of the committee to either:

1) appoint a new member, either from previous election runner ups, or qualified candidates

2) hold an ad-hoc election

c.  In either case, the new member must be ratified by the Representative Assembly.

II.                  The members of the committee will select one chair of the committee each year. The chair will be decided on by a majority vote among the committee members after a nomination process.

i.  Responsibilities for the chair include running meetings, as well as, meeting with other advisory committee chairs on a monthly basis to discuss issues pertinent to the Advisory Committee as a greater body.  Executive Council meetings

ii.  The chair must be ratified by the Representative Assembly.

III. One representative from the committee will act as a liaison between the Representative Assembly and the committee. Responsibilities for this position include attending Representative Assembly meetings and vocalizing the interests of the committee at these meetings.

IV. The committee will be responsible for  the following

i. Meeting with the Dean of Faculty at least once a semester

ii. Filling the three seats that the Faculty Advisory Committee has at monthly faculty    meetings.

iii.Coordinate with the Bates Student to make sure that a reporter is present at all faculty meetings.

iv.Participate in the BCSG tabling in commons to take suggestions and questions from the student body


V.The Committee shall ratify the constitution at the first meeting of each year by a three-fourths (3/4) vote.