President’s Advisory Committee Constitution

President’s Advisory Committee Constitution

This committee is responsible for acting as a liaison between the student body and the President of Bates College. Responsibilities include meeting with the President on a regular basis, as well as, hosting events between the President and the student body in the interest of facilitating a dialogue concerning issues relevant to the Bates community.

I.        Each academic year, each class will elect a new member to serve on the committee through the student election process. Each member of this committee once selected will serve on the committee until their departure from Bates.

II.   The members of the committee will select one chair of the committee each year. The chair will be decided on by a majority vote among the committee members.

i.        Responsibilities for the chair include running meetings, as well as, meeting with other advisory committee chairs on a monthly basis to discuss issues pertinent to the Advisory Committee as a greater body.

ii.   The chair must be ratified by the Representative Assembly.

III. One representative from the committee will act as a liaison between the Representative Assembly and the committee. Responsibilities for this position include attending Representative Assembly meetings and vocalizing the interests of the committee at these meetings.

IV.  The committee will be responsible for organizing at least one public forum between the student body and the President a semester. This public forum can be in partnership with other advisory committee forums where a Dean and a member of the Trustees would be present. The purpose of each public forum will be to alert Bates students of matters relevant to the school and to facilitate Bates student participation in such matters.

V.   The committee will meet with the President at least one time every semester to discuss matters relevant to the Bates community and to prepare for public forums.