Titles of Past CMS Theses

Name (2023)Thesis Title and Advisor
Jenna BerensHow the Vavsours Rose to Prominence – Prof. S. Lynch
Mary Sutton Trafton“He chose for Himself yours- a useless, disobedient, and faithless nation”: Jewish, Christian, and Roman Identity in Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho – Prof. M. Tizzoni
Name (2022)Thesis Title and Advisor
Will CorcoranThe Historia Regum Britanniae and the Aeneid – Prof. L. O’Higgins
Abigail GrumannThe Ancient Pharmakis: Literature and Reality –Prof. L. Maurizio
Name (2021)Thesis Title and Advisor
Alan Bisesi Pestilence and Penitence: The Cyprianic Plague and the Rise of Christianity –Prof. M. Tizzoni
Annie BoyerThe Petulant Poet: Contextualizing the Obscene Invective of Catullus–Prof. G. Gillies
Lewis Ezra ClarkThe Auxilia at the Forefront of ‘Provincialising’ Rome – Revolts, Rebellions and Revolutions by Non-Citizens Fighting for Rome during the Early Principate –Prof. G. Gillies
Katherine Cody Women’s Bodies and Agency within Ancient Rome–Prof. L. O’Higgins
Genevieve DickinsonMerlin and Magic in Medieval Literature–Prof. S. Federico
Roman HudginsDigital Classics–Prof. A. Shrout
Peter Philbin From Ἰφιγένεια to Iphigénie: Recreating Greek Theater Through a Reform Opera – Prof. L. O’Higgins
Nicholas QuillReconstructing the Female Experience in Classical Attica Through A Close Analysis of The Homeric Hymn to Demeter–Prof. L. O’Higgins
Patrick WindelsThe Homeric Hero–Prof. H. Walker
Name (2020)Thesis Title and Advisor
Sullivan BrockNight in Hesiodic and Orphic Traditions –Prof. L. Maurizio
Jesus CarreraAn Analysis of the Diagrams and Axioms in Euclid’s Elements –Prof. L. Maurizio
Christine CarrollAn Analysis of Persephone’s Agency in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter –Prof. L. Maurizio
Shengwei DengEros and Democracy in Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War–Prof. L. O’Higgins
Marcel DevalleQuestions of Gender in Chaucer–Prof. S. Federico
Danielle MengCamilla’s Spectacle: Gendered Nationalism in Vergil’s Aeneid–Prof. G. Gillies
Name (2019)Thesis Title and Advisor
Zofia AhmadLiving on the Edge: India in the Greek Mind before Alexander the Great – Prof. Cameron/Winter ’19
Hannah Walker AustinThe Value in “Vanité: “The Benefits of Pleasure Reading and Viewing in Le Morte D’arthur and Star Wars Rebels – Prof. Villagrana/Fall ’18
Isabella BarrengosFace to Face with Dionysos: Confrontation in the Bacchae – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’19
Matthew Phillip BerdonChaucer’s Imagined Jews: How The Prioress’s Tale Portrays a Racialized Jewish Identity – Prof. Wright/Winter ’19
Rohan Bhat(Re)Reading Katharsis in Aristotle’s Poetics: Depicting Action’s Contradictions – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’19
Caroline BarnesThe Soul in Flight: A Survey of Psyche in Ancient Greek Art and Literature from Homer to Plato – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’19
Allison Anne CormierSlaves in the Athenian Home: How Eastern Elements of Worship Were Integrated into Athenian Female Cults – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’19
Shangwei DengEros and Democracy in Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’19
Evan GoldbergWritten in Stone: Examining the Oral and Written Traditions of Laws and Oracles Through Attic Oratory – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’19
Wanyi LuThe Downfalls of Sophocles’ Tragic Heroes: Ajax, Antigone, and Creon – Prof. Walker/Winter ’19
Shelbie Leigh McCormackTroy: A Mirrored City and a Culture Not Forgotten
Jenna Catherine PowellDike in Hesiod’s Thogony and Works and Days – Prof. O’Higgins
Lindsay RyderEarly Byzantine Stobi in Context: A Study of the Episcopal Basilica and the Jewish Synagogue – Prof. Corrie/Winter ’19
Amanda SobotkaBogeys, Monsters, and Mothers: The Infanticidal Fantasies of 5th Century BCE Greek Women – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’19
Katherine Josephine ZieglerDueling Lyres: Competing Consolatory Practices in the Roman Empire – Prof. Cameron/Winter ’19
Name (2018)Thesis Title and Advisor
Maria FelskiUnwriting Pastoral: An Ecocritical Reading of Virgil’s Eclogues – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’18
Michael Edward FlorentinoA Mortal God: How Augustus Motivated, Maneuvered, and Molded His Apotheosis – Prof. Cameron/Winter ’18
Sam LevinHow the Huns Induced the Collapse of the Western Empire: A Study of Causal Networks of Nomadic Migration and Their Effects on a Sedentary Civilization – Prof. Jones/Winter ’18
Ryen MartinezHeaven, Hell and the Duality of the Commissioner and the Illuminator: A Study of the Tres Riches Heuresy – Prof. Corrie/Winter ’18
Name (2017)Thesis Title and Advisor
Rachel EbersoleMonstrous Seduction: An Analysis of the Development of the Sirens from the Classical to the Medieval Period – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’17
Kylee JohnsonDemeter and Persephone in Ancient Greece and Modern Poetry – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’16
Name (2016)Thesis Title and Advisor
Elizabeth A. LaVerghettaDionysus and Dracula–Of Blood, Invasion, Inversion, Cults, and the (Un)Dying: A Multiform Analysis – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’16
Maddie LegroA Method to the Madness: Manifestations of Aratus’ Stoicism in the Phainomena – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’15
Theodore Samuel Rube–HONORSSearching for Blood in the Streets: Mapping Political Violence onto Urban Topography in the Late Roman Republic, 80-50 BCE – Prof. Imber
Name (2015)Thesis Title and Advisor
Marina BarsoumHeroines and Vengeful Monsters in Ancient Greece – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’14
Jackson Padraic FlemingGender, Authorship, and Authority in the Acts of Paul and Thecia. An Intermediate Ancient Greek Reader with Vocabulary, Commentary, and Essay – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’15
Conor HampsonOctavian’s Usurpation and Augustus’ Principate – Prof. Imber/Winter ’15
Hannah KoganFrom the Roman Republic to Empire, Treason and Tiberius: A Misunderstanding – Prof. Imber/Winter ’15
Thomas LeonardInvestigating the Status of the Ancient Roman Physician – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’14
Henry LeeNegative Portrayals of the Orient in Homer’s Iliad – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’14
Helen Anne LoberStanding On the Shoulders of Giants: The Mythological and Theological Roots of Parmenides and Zeno – Prof. Stark and Walker/Winter ’15
Name (2014)Thesis Title and Advisor
Andrew CarrancorTheme of Memory in Virgil’s Ecologues – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’04
Shoshana Emma FosterThe Home of the Dead, Religions of the Living: The Distinctions between the Jewish and Christian Communities in Ancient Rome as Observed in the Catacombs of the 2nd through 4th Centuries C.E. – Prof. Imber/Fall ’13
Sarah Krischer“Creolization” of Pottery Assemblages in Early Roman Britain – Prof. Bigelow/Winter ’04
Chuck MannDrunken Sophistication – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’14
Phoebe TamminenWidows and Orphans in Fifth Century Athens: A View from Attic Tragedy – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’14
Name (2013)Thesis Title and Advisor
Michael SpinosaHippocratic Medicine in Ancient Greece – Prof. Walker/Winter ’13
Name (2012)Thesis Title and Advisor
Duncan BriggsLucan’s Rejection of Vergilian Epic Characterization: A Literary Analysis between Vergil’s Aeneid and Lucan’s Bellum Civile – Prof. Hayward/Fall ’10
Kelsey Cornwell (History Major)Naval Warfare and Society in the Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian War – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’11 and Cole/Winter ’12
Daniel S. McKeigue (History Major)The Charismatic Leadership of Alcibiades – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’12
Parker RepkoThe Fall of the Roman Republic: The Gracchan Revolution – Prof. Imber/Winter ’12
Thomas RepkoAn Economic Analysis of the Land and Labor Reforms of the Gracchi during the Late Second Century of the Republic – Prof. Imber/Winter ’12
Gregory WattsEmpowered Women: Study of the Gender Relationship in Classical Sparta – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’11
Janee WhiteFemale Homeroticism in Ancient Greek Literature – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’12
Name (2011)Thesis Title and Advisor
Andrew W. Beck (History Major)The Second Punic War – Prof. Imber/Fall ’10
Melinda HiggonsThe Etruscans and the Fanum Voltumnae: An Introductory Report to the Campo della Fiera Site and Its Possible Correlation with the Fanum Voltumnae – Prof. Imber/Fall ’10
David IronsGreek Forerunners of the Modern Hospital – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’11
Dana LindauerHephaistos and Mt. Aetna – Prof. Walker/Winter ’11
Amalia MalettaThe Paradoxical Prototype: Political Implications of the Herculean Divinity during the Reign of Commodus – Prof. Imber/Winter ’11
Katie TaylorThe Archaeology of Roman Surgery – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’11
Name (2010)Thesis Title and Advisor
Matthew BannonEmperor Julian and the Decline of the Roman Empire – Prof. Jones/Fall ’09
Alex GarnickLivia’s Constitutional and Cultural Role(s) – Prof. Imber/Fall ’09 and Winter ’10
Maddy GlennonThe Changing Face and Power of the Gorgon – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’10
Grainne HebelerThe Roman ‘Reuse’ of Historical Artefacts – Prof. Imber/Fall ’09
Neeraj HotchchandaniIncreased Severity of Punishment in the Late Republic and Early Empire – Prof. Imber/Winter ’10
Dan La FontaineIdentity Evolution in Aristophanes’ Acharnians – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’09
CJ MillerAccidental Allies: Septimius Severus and the Cult of Mithras in the Third Century – Prof. Imber/Winter ’10
Avery PierceRecovering the Past: Interpretations of Homer’s Iliad – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’09
Emily StaszakScribes of Venus: Writing Narratives of Rape in the 12th and 14th Centuries – Prof. Federico/Winter ’10
Name (2009)Thesis Title and Advisor
John BementThe Origin of the Rule of St. Benedict and Its Impact on Western Monasticism – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’07 and Winter ’08
Sara BenemanA Study of Athena and Dionysus’ Masculine and Feminine Features Attributes in Fifth Century Athens – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’09
Chris DahlinPublius Claudius Pulcher and the Constitution of the Roman Empire – Prof. Imber/Winter ’09
Andrew GaudioApuleius and the Question of Religious Conversion – Prof. Hayward/Winter ’09
Alison Hartrich
(Greek Minor)
Elpis and Obama’s Rhetoric of Hope – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’09
Timothy HendersonOvid’s Use of Female Adornment to Criticize Women and Augustan Rome – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’09
Scott JuhlThe Political Consciousness of the Ordo Equester during the Roman Republic – Prof. Imber/Winter ’09
Lauren PatzFailed Masculinity: The Aeneid and the Fall of the Roman Republic – Prof. Imber/Fall ’08
Name (2008)Thesis Title and Advisor
Annie Barton – HONORSA Woman with a Past: Briseis in the Iliad – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’07 and Winter ’08
Erin FaulderCicero the Philosopher Statesman: A Reading of His Political Philosophy – Prof. Hayward/Fall ’07
Maggie McCallyThe Myth of Medea in Theater: Shifts in Dramatic Focus –
Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’07
Kim NelsonA ‘Good’ Death: Suicide in Stoicism and Seneca’s Phaedra
Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’08
Allie Schwartz – HONORSOmens: The Undiscovered Voice of the Common Roman –
Prof. Walker/Fall ’07 and O’HIggins/Winter ’08
Name (2007)Thesis Title and Advisor
Martin BenesOvid and Anti-Augustanism – Prof. Hayward/Fall ’06
Austin HaynesPausanias and His Periegesis – Prof. Imber/Winter ’07
Alexandra HughesStylistic and Thematic Parallels in Heraclitus’ Fragments & Oracular Wisdom – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’07
Name (2005)Thesis Title and Advisor
Jacqueline A. DonnellyChristianity and Homosexuality: Ancient Rome’s Influence on Christian Ideology on Homosexuality – Prof. Allison/Winter ’05
Nancy HighcockThe Archaeological Evidence for Christianization in Fourth-Century Britain – Prof. Jones
Ben JarrettSyncretism between Classical Religion and Christianity in the Roman Empire – Prof. Allison/Fall ’04
Sarah Jessee (HONORS)Dramatic Dissent: Seneca’s Hercules Furens as a Subversive Political Text – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’04 and Hayward/Winter ’05
John KarassEpicurus, Einstein and the Cosmic Man – Prof. Hayward/Winter ’05
Lilly McManusRoman Far Eastern Contacts – Prof. Jones
Meredith MennittHonor in the Arena: Evolution of Roman Honor and the Gladiatorial Games – Prof. Maurzio/Winter ’05
Taylor MilesGreek Notions of Ugliness – Prof. Walker/Winter ’05
Matt RoslerDamnatio Memoriae and Portraiture in Rome – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’05
Daniel B. Ryan Jr.The Christian Reception of the Plurality of Worlds Theory – Prof. Allison/Winter ’05
Amanda SeadlerA Translation of the “Querolus” – Prof. Hayward/Winter ’05
Cassandra TamisAn Exploration of Anger, Gender, Stoicism in Hercules Furens – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’05
Erin TorreyHerodotus and Sensory Perception – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’04
Name (2004)Thesis Title and Advisor
Sarah ConnellWonderlands: An Examination of the Otherworld Island in the Odyssey and the Voyage of Máel Dúin – Prof. Walker/Winter ’04
Martha HoranOvid’s Pyramus and Thisbe in Midsummer’s Night Dream – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’04
Nicolai Jensen– Prof. Cole/Winter ’04
Jennifer J  McGillThe Chorus in Noh Drama and Greek Tragedy – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’04
Name (2003)Thesis Title and Advisor
Elizabeth WilsonSeneca’s Hercules Furens: An Intermediate Reader with Commentary – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’02 and Winter ’03
Name (2002)Thesis Title and Advisor
Zachary GillViolence Defends the Man: The Masculine Hero in Seneca’s Hercules Furens – Prof. Maurzio/Fall ’01 and Winter ’02
Elizabeth MillerOn Translating Children’s Tales – Prof. Hayward/Winter ’01
Name (2001)Thesis Title and Advisor
Andrew CoombeEvaluating the Feasibility of Aristotle’s Vision of Utopia – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’00
Brian CurtisA Fourteenth-Century Clue to the Mystery of Diocletian’s Palace – Prof. Imber/Fall ’00 and Winter ’01
Kurt Eilhardt (HONORS)A Recreation of the Character and Goals of the Venerable Bede – Prof. Imber/Fall ’00  and Jones/Winter ’01
Stephen FiggeGender Bias in Iphigeneia in Tauris: Euripides’ Treatment of Women and Ethics (Thesis work done prior to 2001) – Prof. O’Higgins
Golin KosowitzRoman Law – Prof. Imber/Winter ’01
Melissa Mitchell (HONORS)Poetry and Translation: The Art of Failure or a Failed Art? – Prof. Hayward/Fall ’00 and Winter ’01
Mindy Newman (HONORS)Pilgrimage and Thecla – Prof. Allison/Fall ’00 and Winter ’01
Meredith McLeanA Deconstruction of Paternal and Social Authority in the Prometheus Bound – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’01
Joshua SandordEducation Under the Reign of Charlemagne – Prof. Walker/Fall ’00 and  Jones/Winter ’01
Golin TahmasebiGladiators and the Arena – Prof. Imber/Winter ’01
Francis Tate IIA Lacanian Reading of Catullus – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’00 and Winter ’01
Name (2000)Thesis Title and Advisor
Kurt C. Desheimeier“Florios and Platziaflore”: A Translation of a Medieval Greek Romance – Prof. Allison/Winter ’00
Jennifer Hederman– Prof. Jones
Alyssa HemmerickAlfred and the Old English Orosius – Prof. Jones
George Whitney– Prof. O’Higgins