Titles of Past CMS Theses


Theses for the Classes of 2000 – 2019

Name (2017)Thesis Title and Advisor

Name (2019) Thesis Title and Advisor
Zofia Ahmad Living on the Edge: India in the Greek Mind before Alexander the Great – Prof. Cameron/Winter ’19
Hannah Walker Austin The Value in “Vanité: “The Benefits of Pleasure Reading and Viewing in Le Morte D’arthur and Star Wars Rebels – Prof. Villagrana/Fall ’18
Isabella Barrengos Face to Face with Dionysos: Confrontation in the Bacchae – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’19
Matthew Phillip Berdon Chaucer’s Imagined Jews: How The Prioress’s Tale Portrays a Racialized Jewish Identity – Prof. Wright/Winter ’19
Rohan Bhat (Re)Reading Katharsis in Aristotle’s Poetics: Depicting Action’s Contradictions – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’19
Caroline Barnes The Soul in Flight: A Survey of Psyche in Ancient Greek Art and Literature from Homer to Plato – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’19
Allison Anne Cormier Slaves in the Athenian Home: How Eastern Elements of Worship Were Integrated into Athenian Female Cults – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’19
Shangwei Deng Eros and Democracy in Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’19
Evan Goldberg Written in Stone: Examining the Oral and Written Traditions of Laws and Oracles Through Attic Oratory – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’19
Wanyi Lu The Downfalls of Sophocles’ Tragic Heroes: Ajax, Antigone, and Creon – Prof. Walker/Winter ’19
Shelbie Leigh McCormack Troy: A Mirrored City and a Culture Not Forgotten
Lindsay Ryder Early Byzantine Stobi in Context: A Study of the Episcopal Basilica and the Jewish Synagogue – Prof. Corrie/Winter ’19
Amanda Sobotka Bogeys, Monsters, and Mothers: The Infanticidal Fantasies of 5th Century BCE Greek Women – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’19
Katherine Josephine Ziegler Dueling Lyres: Competing Consolatory Practices in the Roman Empire – Prof. Cameron/Winter ’19
Name (2018) Thesis Title and Advisor
Maria Felski Unwriting Pastoral: An Ecocritical Reading of Virgil’s Eclogues – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’18
Michael Edward Florentino A Mortal God: How Augustus Motivated, Maneuvered, and Molded His Apotheosis – Prof. Cameron/Winter ’18
Sam Levin How the Huns Induced the Collapse of the Western Empire: A Study of Causal Networks of Nomadic Migration and Their Effects on a Sedentary Civilization – Prof. Jones/Winter ’18
Ryen Martinez Heaven, Hell and the Duality of the Commissioner and the Illuminator: A Study of the Tres Riches Heuresy – Prof. Corrie/Winter ’18
Name (2017) Thesis Title and Advisor
Rachel Ebersole Monstrous Seduction: An Analysis of the Development of the Sirens from the Classical to the Medieval Period – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’17
Kylee Johnson Demeter and Persephone in Ancient Greece and Modern Poetry – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’16
Name (2016) Thesis Title and Advisor
Elizabeth A. LaVerghetta Dionysus and Dracula–Of Blood, Invasion, Inversion, Cults, and the (Un)Dying: A Multiform Analysis – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’16
Maddie Legro A Method to the Madness: Manifestations of Aratus’ Stoicism in the Phainomena – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’15
Name (2015) Thesis Title and Advisor
Marina Barsoum Heroines and Vengeful Monsters in Ancient Greece – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’14
Jackson Padraic Fleming Gender, Authorship, and Authority in the Acts of Paul and Thecia. An Intermediate Ancient Greek Reader with Vocabulary, Commentary, and Essay – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’15
Conor Hampson Octavian’s Usurpation and Augustus’ Principate – Prof. Imber/Winter ’15
Hannah Kogan From the Roman Republic to Empire, Treason and Tiberius: A Misunderstanding – Prof. Imber/Winter ’15
Thomas Leonard Investigating the Status of the Ancient Roman Physician – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’14
Henry Lee Negative Portrayals of the Orient in Homer’s Iliad – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’14
Helen Anne Lober Standing On the Shoulders of Giants: The Mythological and Theological Roots of Parmenides and Zeno – Prof. Stark and Walker/Winter ’15
Name (2014) Thesis Title and Advisor
Andrew Carrancor Theme of Memory in Virgil’s Ecologues – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’04
Shoshana Emma Foster The Home of the Dead, Religions of the Living: The Distinctions between the Jewish and Christian Communities in Ancient Rome as Observed in the Catacombs of the 2nd through 4th Centuries C.E. – Prof. Imber/Fall ’13
Sarah Krischer “Creolization” of Pottery Assemblages in Early Roman Britain – Prof. Bigelow/Winter ’04
Chuck Mann Drunken Sophistication – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’14
Phoebe Tamminen Widows and Orphans in Fifth Century Athens: A View from Attic Tragedy – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’14
Name (2013) Thesis Title and Advisor
Michael Spinosa Hippocratic Medicine in Ancient Greece – Prof. Walker/Winter ’13
Name (2012) Thesis Title and Advisor
Duncan Briggs Lucan’s Rejection of Vergilian Epic Characterization: A Literary Analysis between Vergil’s Aeneid and Lucan’s Bellum Civile – Prof. Hayward/Fall ’10
Kelsey Cornwell (History Major) Naval Warfare and Society in the Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian War – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’11 and Cole/Winter ’12
Daniel S. McKeigue (History Major) The Charismatic Leadership of Alcibiades – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’12
Parker Repko The Fall of the Roman Republic: The Gracchan Revolution – Prof. Imber/Winter ’12
Thomas Repko An Economic Analysis of the Land and Labor Reforms of the Gracchi during the Late Second Century of the Republic – Prof. Imber/Winter ’12
Gregory Watts Empowered Women: Study of the Gender Relationship in Classical Sparta – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’11
Janee White Female Homeroticism in Ancient Greek Literature – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’12
Name (2011) Thesis Title and Advisor
Andrew W. Beck (History Major) The Second Punic War – Prof. Imber/Fall ’10
Melinda Higgons The Etruscans and the Fanum Voltumnae: An Introductory Report to the Campo della Fiera Site and Its Possible Correlation with the Fanum Voltumnae – Prof. Imber/Fall ’10
David Irons Greek Forerunners of the Modern Hospital – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’11
Dana Lindauer Hephaistos and Mt. Aetna – Prof. Walker/Winter ’11
Amalia Maletta The Paradoxical Prototype: Political Implications of the Herculean Divinity during the Reign of Commodus – Prof. Imber/Winter ’11
Katie Taylor The Archaeology of Roman Surgery – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’11
Name (2010) Thesis Title and Advisor
Matthew Bannon Emperor Julian and the Decline of the Roman Empire – Prof. Jones/Fall ’09
Alex Garnick Livia’s Constitutional and Cultural Role(s) – Prof. Imber/Fall ’09 and Winter ’10
Maddy Glennon The Changing Face and Power of the Gorgon – Prof. O’Higgins/Winter ’10
Grainne Hebeler The Roman ‘Reuse’ of Historical Artefacts – Prof. Imber/Fall ’09
Neeraj Hotchchandani Increased Severity of Punishment in the Late Republic and Early Empire – Prof. Imber/Winter ’10
Dan La Fontaine Identity Evolution in Aristophanes’ Acharnians – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’09
CJ Miller Accidental Allies: Septimius Severus and the Cult of Mithras in the Third Century – Prof. Imber/Winter ’10
Avery Pierce Recovering the Past: Interpretations of Homer’s Iliad – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’09
Emily Staszak Scribes of Venus: Writing Narratives of Rape in the 12th and 14th Centuries – Prof. Federico/Winter ’10
Name (2009) Thesis Title and Advisor
John Bement The Origin of the Rule of St. Benedict and Its Impact on Western Monasticism – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’07 and Winter ’08
Sara Beneman A Study of Athena and Dionysus’ Masculine and Feminine Features Attributes in Fifth Century Athens – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’09
Chris Dahlin Publius Claudius Pulcher and the Constitution of the Roman Empire – Prof. Imber/Winter ’09
Andrew Gaudio Apuleius and the Question of Religious Conversion – Prof. Hayward/Winter ’09
Alison Hartrich
(Greek Minor)
Elpis and Obama’s Rhetoric of Hope – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’09
Timothy Henderson Ovid’s Use of Female Adornment to Criticize Women and Augustan Rome – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’09
Scott Juhl The Political Consciousness of the Ordo Equester during the Roman Republic – Prof. Imber/Winter ’09
Lauren Patz Failed Masculinity: The Aeneid and the Fall of the Roman Republic – Prof. Imber/Fall ’08
Name (2008) Thesis Title and Advisor
Annie Barton – HONORS A Woman with a Past: Briseis in the Iliad – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’07 and Winter ’08
Erin Faulder Cicero the Philosopher Statesman: A Reading of His Political Philosophy – Prof. Hayward/Fall ’07
Maggie McCally The Myth of Medea in Theater: Shifts in Dramatic Focus –
Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’07
Kim Nelson A ‘Good’ Death: Suicide in Stoicism and Seneca’s Phaedra
Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’08
Allie Schwartz – HONORS Omens: The Undiscovered Voice of the Common Roman –
Prof. Walker/Fall ’07 and O’HIggins/Winter ’08
Name (2007) Thesis Title and Advisor
Martin Benes Ovid and Anti-Augustanism – Prof. Hayward/Fall ’06
Austin Haynes Pausanias and His Periegesis – Prof. Imber/Winter ’07
Alexandra Hughes Stylistic and Thematic Parallels in Heraclitus’ Fragments & Oracular Wisdom – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’07
Name (2005) Thesis Title and Advisor
Jacqueline A. Donnelly Christianity and Homosexuality: Ancient Rome’s Influence on Christian Ideology on Homosexuality – Prof. Allison/Winter ’05
Nancy Highcock The Archaeological Evidence for Christianization in Fourth-Century Britain – Prof. Jones
Ben Jarrett Syncretism between Classical Religion and Christianity in the Roman Empire – Prof. Allison/Fall ’04
Sarah Jessee (HONORS) Dramatic Dissent: Seneca’s Hercules Furens as a Subversive Political Text – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’04 and Hayward/Winter ’05
John Karass Epicurus, Einstein and the Cosmic Man – Prof. Hayward/Winter ’05
Lilly McManus Roman Far Eastern Contacts – Prof. Jones
Meredith Mennitt Honor in the Arena: Evolution of Roman Honor and the Gladiatorial Games – Prof. Maurzio/Winter ’05
Taylor Miles Greek Notions of Ugliness – Prof. Walker/Winter ’05
Matt Rosler Damnatio Memoriae and Portraiture in Rome – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’05
Daniel B. Ryan Jr. The Christian Reception of the Plurality of Worlds Theory – Prof. Allison/Winter ’05
Amanda Seadler A Translation of the “Querolus” – Prof. Hayward/Winter ’05
Cassandra Tamis An Exploration of Anger, Gender, Stoicism in Hercules Furens – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’05
Erin Torrey Herodotus and Sensory Perception – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’04
Name (2004) Thesis Title and Advisor
Sarah Connell Wonderlands: An Examination of the Otherworld Island in the Odyssey and the Voyage of Máel Dúin – Prof. Walker/Winter ’04
Martha Horan Ovid’s Pyramus and Thisbe in Midsummer’s Night Dream – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’04
Nicolai Jensen – Prof. Cole/Winter ’04
Jennifer J  McGill The Chorus in Noh Drama and Greek Tragedy – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’04
Name (2003) Thesis Title and Advisor
Elizabeth Wilson Seneca’s Hercules Furens: An Intermediate Reader with Commentary – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’02 and Winter ’03
Name (2002) Thesis Title and Advisor
Zachary Gill Violence Defends the Man: The Masculine Hero in Seneca’s Hercules Furens – Prof. Maurzio/Fall ’01 and Winter ’02
Elizabeth Miller On Translating Children’s Tales – Prof. Hayward/Winter ’01
Name (2001) Thesis Title and Advisor
Andrew Coombe Evaluating the Feasibility of Aristotle’s Vision of Utopia – Prof. O’Higgins/Fall ’00
Brian Curtis A Fourteenth-Century Clue to the Mystery of Diocletian’s Palace – Prof. Imber/Fall ’00 and Winter ’01
Kurt Eilhardt (HONORS) A Recreation of the Character and Goals of the Venerable Bede – Prof. Imber/Fall ’00  and Jones/Winter ’01
Stephen Figge Gender Bias in Iphigeneia in Tauris: Euripides’ Treatment of Women and Ethics (Thesis work done prior to 2001) – Prof. O’Higgins
Golin Kosowitz Roman Law – Prof. Imber/Winter ’01
Melissa Mitchell (HONORS) Poetry and Translation: The Art of Failure or a Failed Art? – Prof. Hayward/Fall ’00 and Winter ’01
Mindy Newman (HONORS) Pilgrimage and Thecla – Prof. Allison/Fall ’00 and Winter ’01
Meredith McLean A Deconstruction of Paternal and Social Authority in the Prometheus Bound – Prof. Maurizio/Winter ’01
Joshua Sandord Education Under the Reign of Charlemagne – Prof. Walker/Fall ’00 and  Jones/Winter ’01
Golin Tahmasebi Gladiators and the Arena – Prof. Imber/Winter ’01
Francis Tate II A Lacanian Reading of Catullus – Prof. Maurizio/Fall ’00 and Winter ’01
Name (2000) Thesis Title and Advisor
Kurt C. Desheimeier “Florios and Platziaflore”: A Translation of a Medieval Greek Romance – Prof. Allison/Winter ’00
Jennifer Hederman – Prof. Jones
Alyssa Hemmerick Alfred and the Old English Orosius – Prof. Jones
George Whitney – Prof. O’Higgins