Funded Opportunities for Graduate Work

There are many funded opportunities for graduate study in classical and medieval studies as well as related fields. The following list is necessarily incomplete, and it is periodically updated. 

  • Yale University offers two two-year funded post-baccalaureates: 1) History of Art for individuals who plan to pursue careers as academics or museum curators. These two-year positions are designed to prepare participants for PhD programs in the history of art. 2) The Cultural Heritage Research and Practice for individuals with an interest in pursuing careers as cultural heritage professionals. These two-year positions are designed to prepare participants for PhD programs in fields relating to cultural heritage research and practice.
    Post-Baccalaureate Programs | Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Duke University offers a Bridge-to-the-PhD Fellowship program, which is designed to lower barriers of access to graduate study for talented students from underrepresented communities (including first generation students and students from low-income backgrounds) who would benefit from an additional year of language training. 
    Bridge Program | Classical Studies
  • University of Colorado at Boulder offers a masters in the following areas: Greek and Latin, Classical Antiquity, Art and Archaeology, and the Teaching of Latin. These are funded through teaching.
    Graduate Degrees in Classics | Department of Classics | University of Colorado Boulder
  • Princeton University invites applications for a one-year, fully funded pre-doctoral Fellowship in Classics that includes an offer of regular admission to the Classics doctoral program for the following year (assuming steady academic progress). Our Predoctoral Program is open to all: we especially encourage applications from candidates who contribute to the University’s diversity.
    Pre-doctoral Fellowship | Princeton Classics