Prizes and Recognition Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

Manson A. Steward Undergraduate Awards ($1000)
By nomination (due January 6); applications due January 30
Teachers of undergraduate students are invited to nominate their most outstanding young Classicists for the CAMWS Manson Stewart Undergraduate Awards. Every year CAMWS makes $1,000.00 awards (accompanied by a one-year membership in CAMWS) to a limited number of undergraduate students majoring in Classics at the sophomore or junior level at a CAMWS college or university. Nominees are expected to take a minimum of two courses in Latin or Greek (normally at least one per quarter or semester) during the junior or senior year in which the award is made.

Anthony Fauci Award in Stem and Classics (up to $500)
Due: January 30
The Classical Association of the Middle West and South announces the Anthony Fauci Award in STEM and Classics. This $500 annual award recognizes an undergraduate student who demonstrates outstanding work in both Classics and a STEM discipline (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). The Committee, at its discretion, may also confer the following prizes: First Runner Up ($200); Second Runner up ($100).

Rudolph Masciantonio CAMWS Diversity Award ($500) 
Due: January 31
Awardees will be those whom the profession or life circumstances or societal structures have limited in their access to the study of our field: students from various racially, ethnically, sexually (including LGBTQIA+), physically and religiously disadvantaged groups; first-generation students (including those from immigrant families); intersectional students; those educated at schools which have abandoned Latin, Greek, and classics; those for whom misunderstanding or bias has meant lack of prior exposure to the Greco-Roman past; and those for whom narrower definitions of “classics” have meant denying the importance of other parts of the Mediterranean basin as legitimate parts of the ancient world.

Phyllis B. Katz Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research ($200)
Due: February 15, 2024
The Phyllis B. Katz Prize is awarded to an undergraduate student of Classics in support of his or her research endeavors. The winning paper will be read by the recipient of the prize during the Annual Meeting of CANE (Classical Association of New England), generally as the first paper in the first Saturday session. The author will receive an award of $200, free registration for the meeting and the cost of hotel accommodations if needed. The winner reads their paper at the Annual Meeting of CANE.

John J. Winkler Memorial Prize (Essay prize up to $1500)
Due: March 1, 2024
In accordance with his wishes, the John J. Winkler Memorial trust awards a cash prize each year to the author of the best undergraduate or graduate essay in any risky or marginal field of classical studies. Topics include (but are not limited to) those that Jack himself explored: the ancient novel, the sex/gender systems of antiquity, the social meanings of Greek drama, and ancient Mediterranean culture and society. Approaches include (but are not limited to) those that Jack’s own work exemplified: feminism, anthropology, narratology, semiotics, cultural studies, ethnic studies, and lesbian/gay studies.