Funding for Travel and Archaeological Fieldwork

List of Awards on the Society of Classical Studies website:

The Classical Association of New England: Alison Barker Travel Scholarship: (up to $750)
Due: December 1st
For an undergraduate who is participating in a study program organized by a Classics department or Classical Studies program.

The Helen Maria Chesnutt Scholarship for Equity in Classical Study (up to $5000)
Due: January 15
The Helen Maria Chesnutt Scholarship is intended to support undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented groups to further their study of the Classics and Ancient Mediterranean world, broadly conceived both in geographic limits and time-frame, and not excluding reception-studies, which brings the temporal span of the studied period down to the present day. This award may be used for research, study, travel, or for other plans relevant to study of the Ancient Mediterranean.

Society of Classical Studies: Frank M. Snowden Jr. Undergraduate Scholarships (up to $4500)
Due: January 20
For undergraduate students from historically underrepresented groups across North America. The purpose of the scholarships is to further students’ study of classics or classical archaeology with opportunities not available during the school year.

Society for American Archaeology: Student Excellence in Archaeology Scholarships (up to $3000)
Due: January 31
For historically underrepresented groups within archaeology. Supports archaeological training or participation in a research program for undergraduate minority students, including but not limited to tuition, travel, food, housing, books, supplies, equipment, and child care. Any form of archaeological training during the summer may be funded, not just limited to field schools.

CAMWS Excavation and Field School Awards (up to $2000)
Due: January 30
For students who are enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student in a degree-granting program in Classics or who is enrolled in a program in History, Art History, Anthropology or Archaeology with a primary academic focus on the Greco-Roman world.

Eta Sigma Phi – H.R. Butts Scholarship for Fieldwork in Classical Archaeology (up to $2000)
Due: February 15
For members of Eta Sigma Phi. Preference will be given to those who are undergraduates at the time of application and who have not yet had experience in archaeological fieldwork, but graduate students, teachers, and experienced fieldworkers are also welcome to apply.

The Etruscan Foundation: Fellowship Program for Fieldwork (up to $2000)
Due: February 28
For participation in field schools or archaeological fieldwork at Etruscan and indigenous sites of non-Greek Italy from the Neolithic through the 1st Century BCE.

Archaeological Institute of America: Jane C. Waldbaulm Archaeological Field School Scholarship ($1000)
Due: March 1
For students who are planning to participate in archaeological field work for the first time. The Scholarship Fund provides $1000 each to help pay expenses associated with participation in an archaeological field work project (minimum stay one month/4 weeks).

Archaeological Institute of America: Elizabeth Bartman Museum Internship ($1,000 – $4,000)
Due: April 1 
To assist advanced undergraduates, graduate students, or those who have recently completed a master’s degree with the expenses associated with participating in a museum internship either in the United States or abroad.

American Archaeology Abroad: The Cohen Family AAA Fellowship ($1500)
Due: May 15
The fellowship is open to students enrolled as an undergraduate in an American college or university and accepted to participate on an AAA affiliated excavation project.

The Sportula: Microgrants ($5-300)
On a rolling basis