Comment Policy

Last edited April 5, 2022

Public Comments on Bates College Digital Platforms

The views expressed in user comments on Bates’ digital platforms reflect those of the comment’s author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bates College. Independently moderated platforms such as Facebook and Instagram may delete comments or posts that do not comply with their user policies. In addition, Bates may delete or hide comments or posts if they contain:

  • Vulgar, obscene, hateful, or abusive content
  • Offensive terms or statements targeting individuals or groups
  • Name-calling, threats or personal attacks
  • Suggestions or encouragement of illegal activity
  • Solicitations, promotions or endorsements of commercial services, products or entities
  • Malicious or inappropriate external links
  • Off-topic content or malicious intent i.e. trolling

We will do our best to moderate public comments in a timely fashion during business hours, and will at times reply to comments to add context or correct errors of fact. We reserve the right to block individuals who do not follow these guidelines and/or are repeat offenders. We trust in our community’s ability to self-moderate at other times, and to engage in civil and respectful discourse at all times.