Guidance for Faculty, Staff and Students

Bates has scores of stories to tell, and BCM is ready to help you tell your story or to work with you when the news media wants to tell your story.

Media Inquiries

All news and information to be released to the media from the college should be coordinated through Bates Communications. When the media contacts faculty or staff members directly, please notify us so we may assist in setting up media interviews or responses to queries. BCM can also help you decline interview requests when appropriate.

Members of the Bates community are encouraged to contact BCM at 786-6330 or when they are working with the media, or when the media contacts them with an inquiry.

Please contact BCM if you see an unescorted member of the media on campus. If you cannot reach anyone in BCO, contact Security. Someone on our team will check in with the reporter, assess their purpose, and assist them if necessary.

Bates Stories

BCM develops and maintains relationships with local and national press and tracks the college’s interactions with media. We use the information to look for trends in coverage, to build relationships and to pitch future story opportunities.

With experienced former journalists in house, we can help you assess the inquiry and facilitate the developing story or interview. We can prep students, staff, and faculty for interviews, draft talking points, provide messaging, and offer tips for effective communications in person, on the telephone, via email, or on the radio or television.