Facebook News Feed 2018 update

You may have heard in the news that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced a major change to Facebook’s News Feed which will shift organic (non-paid) content from news, brand, and media posts back to “friends and family.” Here’s a quick Q&A about the change along with some steps we can all take to stay on top of the algorithm.

Is Facebook eliminating Page content (like ours) from News Feed?
No. Based on some early testing by Facebook, there were reports that Page content such as ours would be moved to a completely segregated “Explore” tab. Page posts will still appear in News Feed, though they will not be favored by the algorithm on their own.

Does this change affect paid content?
No, this change will have no effect on Page content that is boosted or part of an ad campaign. Those posts will be surfaced in News Feed as normal.

So what’s the major change?
The algorithm will be changed to favor posts that generate back-and-forth discussion between users. See below for some action items on how we can stay on top of these changes.

Action steps moving forward:

  1. While the is algorithm is always changing, best practices stay steady. Make sure to continue following our best practices guidelines.
  2. Ensure editorial discretion: We’ve got be even more discerning when it comes to what content goes on our Facebook pages. Try to bring your best and most engaging content to Facebook.
  3. Video – especially live video – content is still favored by the algorithm and an important way to reach our users.
  4. Frame your content in a way that promotes discussion from your audience. Here’s an example that shows how we can use our stories to prompt conversations. This post received 7 vivid comments from alumni.
  5. With this announcement, paid support just got even more important. Not having at least some paid component as a part of your Facebook strategy is now no longer feasible. Even an annual budget as small as $100 can help boost core posts that need to be seen by more of your audience.