Using EVO

On July 1, 2018 EVO replaced Xsan as our media collaboration platform.

Here’s how to connect to EVO:

1. In Mac Finder, click Go > Connect to Server (Command+K)

2. In the dialog box, enter and click enter.

3. Enter your Bates username and password


4. You will see a list of volumes to which you have access (most users will only have access to their own volume).

5. Select your volume and click okay.

6. Your volume will mount on the desktop. Double click to open and use just as you did with Xsan.

Remember to always save to EVO or a personal hard drive. NEVER save to the local machine.

Advanced Users:

1. Find the EVO ShareBrowser app on your dock or in your applications folder.

2. Login, where server is, username is your Bates username and password your Bates password (the second time you login, you may click the “remember this password” checkbox to simplify login)

3. Select the volume you wish to access, right click and select “Mount”.

4. Advantages to using ShareBrower:

– You can search for specific files within your Share Volume (by almost any metadata including file type, frame rate, comments, tags, etc.)

– You may lock files you are using to prevent accidental opening by colleagues (especially helpful for Premiere Pro project files).

– You can preview, add comments and/or tags to files. Any tags or comments are carried into the FCPX or Premiere project you are working on.