Academic Standing Committee

Charge of the Committee: The committee has these broad responsibilities: (1) to recommend to the faculty policy concerning academic standing, probation and dismissal, and related matters of the grading system; (2) to hear on appeal individual cases of students placed on probation or dismissed by failure to meet legislated criteria for good academic standing; (3) to hear petitions for readmission from students once academically dismissed; (4) to report statistical summaries concerning academic standing to the faculty after the close of the fall and winter semesters; (5) in conjunction with the Academic Affairs Council to recommend to the faculty policy concerning registrations and the assignment of credit; (6) to hear on appeal individual petitions concerning irregular registrations and credits, including underloads, overloads, late registrations, late withdrawals, rescheduled final examinations, deferred course grades, changes in course grades, and transferred credits; (7) to review the administrative exercise of specified authorities as delegated by the committee to the dean of students and the associate dean of students according to faculty legislation.

Committee Members:

  • Senem Aslan
  • Edward Harwood (chair)
  • Bev Johnson
  • Joshua McIntosh (ex officio)
  • Mary Meserve (ex officio)
  • Laurie O’Higgins
  • Carl Steidel (ex officio)
  • Julieta Yung