Fall 2020 Planning

Messages from the Dean

The outstanding liberal education Bates offers the world is exactly the kind of knowledge we need as we face a future full of uncertainty. The skills we transfer to students provide them with the tools to find sustainable, equitable, effective, and just paths forward. Delivering a Bates education requires the coordinated effort of hundreds of professionals, and the global pandemic has complicated our work greatly as we reimagine teaching, learning, living, and working as a campus community. Members of the Bates faculty are working diligently to provide students with transformative educational experiences. The faculty voted overwhelmingly for the modular approach to the academic calendar, and are attending a vast array of pedagogical training sessions as they think about redesigning their courses. Many have taken leadership roles in college planning, and faculty have provided invaluable feedback on key decisions. We continue to rely on the flexibility of faculty, students, and staff, as we plan for the academic year in an ever-changing public health landscape.

I am steadfast in my commitment to support colleagues in these efforts. While we hope normal rhythms soon return to our academic lives, in the meantime, we will move ahead, with the best information available, attempting to make wise decisions about the next academic year. The following FAQs provide answers to many questions of particular interest to faculty; we will update and expand this list as necessary.

Thank you for your dedication, wisdom, and patience as we move forward together.

Malcolm S. Hill, Dean of the Faculty