Academic Affairs Council

Charge of the Committee: The Academic Affairs Council (which includes the dean of the faculty and the division chairs), is responsible for setting long-term academic priorities; allocation of resources, including faculty lines, sabbaticals, Phillips Fellowships, replacement positions, lecturers, adjunct positions, etc.; oversight of the curriculum (including extra cost Short Term courses); oversight of General Education requirements; oversight of graduation requirements (including AP and transfer credits etc.); oversight of policy regarding the academic calendar; oversight of the types of courses that count toward graduation; oversight of majors, minors, general education concentrations, thesis (number of courses per major, thesis threshold requirements, etc.); reviewing policies concerning academic integrity, number of meeting hours for courses, exam protocols, course enrollment policy, etc.; serving as a liaison with the Academic Affairs Committee of the Trustees.

Committee Members:

Communications to the Faculty:

  • Presentation from The October 4, 2021 Faculty Meeting
  • The February 14, 2022 Policy Forum (Bates faculty only)
    • Video (Bates faculty only)
    • Presentation slides (Bates faculty only)
    • Notes:
      • The slide deck has been updated to include an additional slide (slide 17) that was referenced during the presentation and visualizes the differences by major in exposure to DEI concepts through the curriculum.
      • Correction: For slide 20, the question was framed in a way that students were asked to indicate the extent to which they were exposed to these issues in ANY major that they had.

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