Academic Affairs Council

Charge of the Committee: The Academic Affairs Council (which includes the dean of the faculty and the division chairs), is responsible for setting long-term academic priorities; allocation of resources, including faculty lines, sabbaticals, Phillips Fellowships, replacement positions, lecturers, adjunct positions, etc.; oversight of the curriculum (including extra cost Short Term courses); oversight of General Education requirements; oversight of graduation requirements (including AP and transfer credits etc.); oversight of policy regarding the academic calendar; oversight of the types of courses that count toward graduation; oversight of majors, minors, general education concentrations, thesis (number of courses per major, thesis threshold requirements, etc.); reviewing policies concerning academic integrity, number of meeting hours for courses, exam protocols, course enrollment policy, etc.; serving as a liaison with the Academic Affairs Committee of the Trustees.

Committee Members:

  • Malcolm Hill, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty/
  • Amy Douglass, Social Sciences Division Chair/
  • Holly Ewing, Interdisciplinary Programs Division Chair/
  • Nathan Lundblad, Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division Chair/
  • Susan Stark, Humanities Division Chair/

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