Student Conduct Board Pool

Charge of the Board: This committee has the responsibility to make policy recommendations to the
faculty regarding matters of student conduct; and to make decisions in student conduct cases referred or appealed to it under the Code of Student Conduct. The faculty co-chair shall report to the faculty at the first regular faculty meeting of each semester of all action taken by the committee since the preceding report.

Board Pool Members:

  • Brett Allen
  • Evan Bagley
  • Robinson Drummond ’21
  • Nathan Faries
  • Max Gardner
  • Michelle Greene
  • Leshui He
  • Rebecca Herzig
  • Stephanie Kelley-Romano
  • Geneva Laurita
  • Michelle Lewis
  • Jon Martin
  • Trian Nguyen
  • Jeff Oishi
  • Paul Schofield
  • Lillian Scott ’21
  • Johie Seltzer (co chair)
  • Paul Shea (co chair)