2016 Maine Economics Conference

Saturday, April 30, 2016 – Hosted by Bates College –
Sponsored by Bates, Bowdoin, Colby and the University of Maine

(all events will be held in Pettengill Hall-G52 unless otherwise noted)

> 8:30-9:00:  Light Breakfast as Conference Attendees Arrive:  Pettengill Basement Lobby

> 9:00-9:45:  Daniel Riera-Crichton (Bates College): The macroeconomic effects of tax changes outside the U.S.

> 9:45-10:30:  Steve Morris (Bowdoin College): Validating China’s output data using satellite observations

> 10:30-10:45: Coffee Break

> 10:45-11:30:  Yao Tang (Bowdoin College): Aging, skill-biased technology, and growth prospect of China

> 11:30-12:30:  Student Poster Session, Perry Atrium, Pettengill Hall

> 12:35-1:35:  Lunch in Muskie Archives

> 1:40-2:25:  Margaret Maurer-Fazio (Bates College): How Do Pre-School and/or School-Age Children Affect their Parents’ Likelihood of Migration and Off-Farm Work in Rural China’s Minority Regions?

> 2:25-3:10: Erik Nelson (Bowdoin College): U.S. households that buy organic fruit and their willingness to pay for organic fruit

> 3:10-3:25:  Coffee Break

> 3:25-4:10:  Leshui He (Bates College):  Classroom Peer Effects in Students Achievements – Evidence from a Quasi-random Assisgnment

> 4:25-5:40:  KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Howard Kunreuther (Bates 1959), James G. Dinan Professor; Professor of Decision Sciences and Public Policy; Co-Director of the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Public-Private Partnerships for Dealing with Extreme Events: Improving Decision-Making in a Misunderstood Industry


> 5:45-7:00:  Reception and Conference Dinner, New Commons 226