Bates Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was founded in the 1995-1996 academic year, and has provided Basic Life Support (BLS) care to the Bates community ever since.  Bates EMS is composed of student volunteers licensed at the EMT-Basic or Wilderness EMT levels in the State of Maine.

Bates EMS is in service and available 24/7 when classes are in session.  2-3 EMTs are on call at all times, and carry portable radios allowing them to be dispatched and to communicate with both the Bates EMS crew and Bates Campus Safety.  When Bates EMS is dispatched, one EMT responds to the scene in the Bates EMS emergency response vehicle, which carries all equipment mandated by Maine EMS regulations, including a primary jump bag, oxygen, and an AED.  Two other EMTs respond on foot or with Bates Campus Safety, carrying small packs which contain the necessary equipment for the initial moments of a call.  Bates EMS responds to approximately 150 calls per year, which range from general malaise to multi-systems trauma to cardiac arrest.

Bates EMS works constantly with United Ambulance Service, who provides transport and Advanced Life Support (ALS) when necessary.  Bates EMS is also partnered with a United Ambulance Service paramedic, who acts as the Director of Service. Additionally, Bates EMS uses United Ambulance Service’s facilities and instructors for training.

Bates EMS is partnered with the Bates College Office of Residence Life and Health Education. In working closely alongside the Bates College Administration, Bates EMS is able to best serve the needs of the Bates community.