Our Membership

Bates EMS 2021-2022 Service

All members of Bates EMS (BEMS) are volunteers and current undergraduate students studying at the college, certified at the EMT level or above in the state of Maine. Experience in EMS prior to joining BEMS varies quite widely. Students of any class year can apply to join BEMS, with no preference given to younger or older students. Many members first become EMT certified through the short-term EMT class taught in April and May on campus. With NREMT licensure, those previously certified and interested in must first apply for reciprocity for Maine licensure. At this time, the most typical pathway to joining Bates EMS involves taking the short-term class as a freshman or sophomore and joining the next fall semester.

A few highly dedicated students have undertaken Paramedic education while attending Bates. While BEMS is not an ALS service, the option is made possible thanks to our close proximity to United Ambulance and their training center.