Executive Board

The Executive Board meets biweekly and is responsible for service decision making and planning. Each member of the E-Board holds a specific position integral to the function of the service. Abbreviated job descriptions and current officers listed below. CQI conducted monthly by Chief, Deputy Chief, and Captains, with ongoing review done by Head of Service.

Chief: Jag Lally

I am a Senior from the great state of California, and I am a Biology Major and Chemistry Minor with a concentration in Public Health. I am pre-med with plans of doing a masters at Cambridge or Oxford University in England after graduating from Bates. Then I am hoping to attend Stanford Medical school to get a MD.

The Chief of Bates EMS is responsible for overseeing the general function of the service as component of both Bates College and Maine EMS. The Chief is the first point of contact for the Bates Administration and the Director of Bates EMS. The Chief acts as the leading Line Officer of the Bates EMS Executive Board. As the head of Bates EMS, the Chief is responsible for being accessible to all members as a voice of experience and leadership as they ensure the education, competency, and wellbeing of the providers.

Deputy Chief: Natalie Givens

Class of 2020

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO

I am a biology major and chemistry minor and am on the pre-medical track. This is my third year on EMS, and I hope to pursue medicine after graduation. In my free time I like to hike, pet every dog I see, and bake.

The role of Deputy Chief is to be second in line to the role of the Chief of Service, and undertake the responsibilities of maintaining the service, as well as working alongside the Chief and Captains in the line officer positions. The Deputy Chief works in contact with the entire service, as well as directly with the Chief of Service in order to solve conflicts, arrange service meetings, and be second in line to the executive board. The Deputy Chief works to enhance the voices of all service members, and ensure all opinions and options are used for decision making.

Captain: Annie Lindholm

Class of 2020

Hometown: Cornwall, VT

Hi everyone! My name is Annie and I’m a Biochemistry major and French minor. At Bates, I sail for the Bates Sailing Team, have a radio show with WRBC, and I work in Admissions. Post grad I hope to work as an EMT and travel the world, maybe at the same time!

Captain: Katie Leeke

Class of 2020

Hometown: Minnetonka, MN

I am a Neuroscience and Mathematics double major on the pre-medical track. My childhood passion for life sciences has grown immensely during my time at Bates, especially due to the experiences I’ve gained while on Bates EMS. Following graduation, I aim to continue working as an EMT for two years while I conduct neuroscience research and eventually continue pursuing my dream career as a surgeon. While at Bates, I love to explore the nearby mountains and parks or spend some quality time cooking up some delicious commons creations.

The two Bates EMS captains are responsible for organizing EMS trainings, tracking member’s licensure statuses, participating in routine QA/QI review and generally assisting the chief and deputy chief as fellow line officers. In addition, the captains work with the crew chiefs in identifying, tracking and fostering the growth of members as they move from 200/300 to CCIT, CC and Supervisor.

Secretary: Meg Robinson

Class of 2020

Hometown: Riverside, CT

I’m a biochemistry major, planning on pursuing a PhD in chemistry of some sort.  I’m also a Purposeful Work Fellow and captain of the water polo team.  I’m also a big fan of cheese (my favorite is Gruyere) and dogs of all shapes and sizes.

The secretary of Bates EMS is responsible for creating the monthly coverage schedule and sending out weekly emails with the minutes from full service and Executive Board meetings. Additionally, the secretary is responsible for scheduling standby coverage for sports games, school dances, and significant events. 

Supply Officer: Enton Lam

Class of 2021

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Hi! My name is Enton and I am a junior, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Philosophy. On campus, I am part of AASIA and College Choir. In my free time, I like to eat ramen, bake cookies, and travel.

The Bates EMS Supply Officer is responsible for monitoring the service’s supplies and equipment. The supply officer will hold weekly inventory checks of the 100 bag, 200/300 bags, oxygen, and AED status. The Supply Officer is responsible for monitoring the service’s supply inventory and ordering additional supplies and equipment when necessary.

Membership Coordinator: Ella Westerfield

Class of 2020

Hometown: Denver, CO

I’m a senior and an Interdisciplinary Public Health major. When I am not studying cool diseases, I am singing in TakeNote, an on campus a capella group, or working for admissions! I am excited to be helping to bring new members onto Bates EMS this year.

The Membership Coordinator of Bates EMS is responsible for keeping all current members of the service licensed and compliant with Maine EMS policies. The Membership Coordinator also facilitates the introduction of new members to the service. This includes coordinating an on campus EMS course in partnership with United Ambulance Service and the Bates Administration. In addition, this position will assist members with re-licensure and obtaining Continuing Education Hours.

Designated Infection Control Officer (DICO): Phoebe Hyland

Class of 2021

The Designated Infection Control Officer oversees all responsibilities involving biologically hazardous situations related to Bates EMS. They are responsible for safely and properly disposing of all biohazard waste produced by the service, and carry out TB fit testing for all new BEMS members in order to ensure that our service-members are properly equipped to handle biohazard emergencies.

Member at Large: Jaimie Siegart

Class of 2021

The Member at Large of Bates EMS is responsible for acting as a liaison between the general membership of Bates EMS and the Bates EMS Executive Board. The Member at Large speaks on behalf of all EMS members at all Executive Board meetings. The Member at Large is also responsible for planning and coordinating Bates EMS social and community outreach events.

Advisor: Erin Foster Zsiga – efoster@bates.edu

Senior Associate Dean of Student, Student Affairs

Director:  Dennis Russell, M.Ed., ATC, CSCS, NRP, CP – dennis.russell@unitedambulance.net

Education Department / Community Paramedic Program Manager, United Ambulance Service