Frequently Asked Questions

Bates EMS is a resource for all members of the Bates Community. Due to the role we play on campus in providing emergency medical services, we are hoping to provide further information about questions we often receive when talking to students, faculty, and staff.

This page works to answer some of the most common questions we receive as a service. For additional questions, reach out to

What is Bates EMS?

Bates EMS is a state licensed Emergency Medical Service that is committed to providing high quality, immediate medical care for the Bates College campus and community. Bates EMS is a non-transporting service that is composed of student volunteers licensed within the State of Maine at the EMT level or higher.

When is Bates EMS available?

Bates EMS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when classes are in session. The website will always indicate when Bates EMS is in service or out of service.

How do I join Bates EMS?

Bates EMS is continually looking for new members. To apply, you must be a Bates student and hold a valid EMT license in the State of Maine and a current CPR for Healthcare Providers. Please click here for more information on how to apply!

How do I become an EMT?

Like many other states, if you want to become a licensed EMT in Maine, you need a NREMT certification. Fortunately, every short term Bates EMS organizes an EMT course taught by United Training Center for students to take. Additionally, United Training Center in Lewiston regularly offers EMT courses, which Bates students are welcome to join! Since the NREMT is a nationalized certification, it is easy to find a range of places to take a course across the country!

What happens when I call Bates EMS?

After calling the Campus Safety emergency number (207) 786-6111, the Campus Safety communications team member will ask you a couple questions about the nature of the emergency and your specific location. The Campus Safety communications team member will then immediately dispatch the on-call EMTs through radio, who will respond to the location given. In addition to Bates EMS, Campus Safety Officers, Residential Coordinators, and United Ambulance Services will be dispatched to the scene. Bates EMS on average arrives on-scene within 2-4 minutes of a call being placed.

Upon arrival to you, Bates EMS will provide medical care and ask questions to better understand the illness or injury you or the person around you is experiencing. From there, additional assessment and care will be provided by United Ambulance, if deemed necessary. Any student who is transported to the hospital will be provided transport back to Bates College by Campus Safety once they are discharged.

Does calling Bates EMS cost money?

Nope! All care provided by Bates EMS is free of charge to the Bates Community.

It is worth noting that there is typically a cost associated if you are transported by a third party ambulance service such as United Ambulance Services. This cost can range depending on insurance coverage.

This does mean that if you are not transported by an ambulance, there is absolutely no cost associated with the care provided. Concerns about cost should never be a reason to not call Bates EMS, especially if someone is having a serious medical emergency! In the case of a sudden, temporary, and/or unexpected financial situation, students can apply to receive Bates College student emergency funding through our Student Emergency Fund.

My friend is really intoxicated, will they get in trouble if I call Bates EMS?

Nope! Bates College wants to ensure that students have as few barriers as possible to asking for help and thus has a medical amnesty policy for alcohol and marijuana within the alcohol and other drug policy. Per Bates College Student Affairs’ Medical Amnesty Policy:

In situations where a student has contacted [Campus Safety] or Bates EMS for medical treatment either for themselves or for a fellow student, neither the student calling nor the student receiving medical attention will receive a violation through the student conduct system. Students transported to the hospital in association with the consumption of alcohol or marijuana will have a conversation with the Student Health Support & Outreach Specialist, and a letter will be sent home to their parents. If a student is transported to the hospital more than once, college staff will explore whether a medical leave of absence is appropriate.

Situations involving a transport to the hospital as a result of illegal drugs other than marijuana or involving other violations (such as assault, disorderly conduct, etc.) fall outside the scope of the medical amnesty policy and may be handled through the student conduct system. Please note that any violations of the Student Public Health Agreement that may be documented as part of a situation where medical amnesty applies will not be referred to the student conduct system.

If you or someone you know feels they were not held to this standard after calling Bates EMS related to the medical amnesty policy, please reach out to the Chief of Bates EMS or the Advisory of Bates EMS.

When should I call Bates EMS?

If you have an immediate medical concern, you should call Bates EMS. This will ensure that you or your friend will receive a thorough assessment from a team of professional medical providers.

Why did a Bates EMT ask me questions like “do you have allergies?”

An important part of EMS is getting a full picture of the person to whom we are providing care. Because of this, we have questions which our responders ask every patient. These questions not only help us to better understand the medical emergency but also ensures that Bates EMS or any other providers do not accidentally use or give you something that may hurt you because of your past medical history, allergies, etc. Please be honest when answering these questions as it is important for your safety and our understanding of your medical emergency.

Why do I see Bates EMTs carrying a large pack or driving a car?

Bates EMTs respond in two types of ways.

1) Typically the most experienced provider on shift that day drives the car, affectionately named “Heidi.” Our vehicle is a registered EMS vehicle and has lights, sirens, and all equipment required by Maine EMS.

2) The other providers on shift respond on-foot and carry a medical pack which holds medical supplies which can address immediate medical concerns until the EMS car arrives.

If the car’s lights and siren are on or you see an EMT running, please respectfully give them room, and move off paths which we may be driving on. Please do not ask our providers for a ride in the EMS car or to turn the lights or sirens on for you. Our vehicle can be seen below!

I am concerned about the care that was provided to me, who can I speak to?

Bates EMS works to provide the best care possible to all members of the Bates community. With this said, if you feel that a Bates EMS provider was disrespectful, judgmental, discriminatory, or harmful in their care, please reach out to the Co-Chiefs of Bates EMS or the Advisory of Bates EMS. Both their contact information can be found here. We will work with you to learn more about the incident and properly address the situation.