Unsupervised Camera (Webcam) Policy

Last updated: January 7, 2022

1. Purpose

Bates College recognizes that cameras placed in public places for the purpose of promoting the College, drawing visitors to the College’s website, recording construction projects, or other public uses can be of significant value. Such uses should not violate the reasonable expectation of privacy of members of the Bates community or the general public who use the campus. This policy outlines the conditions under which such cameras may be used.

2. Policy

  1. Use of any camera placed in a fixed public location for the purpose of recording or broadcasting images of that location in an unsupervised way must be approved in advance by the Vice President for Information and Library Services in consultation with the Director of Campus Safety.
  2. The camera may not be placed in an area where its use would violate a reasonable expectation of privacy as defined by law. Views of residential housing will be limited and provide a view no greater than that available with unaided vision.
  3. The location and purpose of the camera must be recorded in a public manner, such as the Information and Library Services website or other appropriate location, along with information on the expected retention time (if any) of the images it captures.
  4. The storage location and expected retention time of data generated by the camera must be approved by the Vice President for Information and Library Services.
  5. Subsequent use of images for purposes other than those originally intended must be approved by the Vice President for Information and Library Services or the Treasurer.

3. Release of data

  1. Any data generated by a camera as defined in this policy is property of Bates College and is subject to all College policies regarding data retention and release.
  2. Any stored data will be released to parties outside the College only with the recommendation of the Vice President for Information and Library Services or the Director of Campus Safety, and approval by the Treasurer or President of the College.

4. Administration

  1. The Vice President for Information and Library Services will be responsible for publicizing and administering this policy.
  2. This policy does not apply to closed-circuit television or other security cameras used for security or law enforcement purposes, which are governed by the Bates College CCTV Monitoring Policy.
  3. This policy is not intended to restrict the routine activities of photographers on College property, unless they intend to use a fixed, unsupervised camera as outlined in 2a.
  4. This policy is subject to change without prior notice.
Existing Cameras
  • Location:  Campus Ave construction
  • Activated:  January 2015
  • Type:  Time lapse still
  • Data Retention:  Permanent