Club Notes

Edited by Scott Steinberg '86, director of alumni relations

[Photo: Lewis, Clark, and Clarke]

Last Winter, Shari Lewis (left) welcomed Bates debaters to Manhattan, including Liam Clarke ’98 and Jennifer Clark ’98.

Debaters Enjoy Bates Hospitality in Big Apple
As part of their trip to New York City for a debate tournament last winter, members of the Brooks Quimby Debate Council enjoyed a reception at the Manhattan home of Shari Lewis, whose late husband, Grant Lewis ’62, was a member of the debate program while at Bates.Several alumni debaters joined the festivities, including Dan Schwager ’93, Chris Donovan ’92, Sarah Watson ’92, and Joel Bines ’92. “Mrs. Lewis was a wonderful host. She even came and watched us compete, which was great,” said Phyllis Paparazzo ’96, who is vice president of alumni relations for the Brooks Quimby Debate Council.

The tournament, at New York University, included approximately sixty teams and 120 individual participants. “We did well, winning three of five rounds,” said Paparazzo.

New Arrivals
Bates alumni events were held in new territory for the College during this year, with the help of local alumni.

The Arizona Bates Club was launched with a gathering in Phoenix last November. Jay Yuskis ’93 and Stefanie Pearson ’93 are the president and vice president, respectively, of our newest Bates club. “It was a small but very spirited group,” said Rae Garcelon ’62, capital gifts officer at the College, who was in attendance. “Thanks to David Williams ’65, we had a spectacular location on the top floor of the tallest building in Phoenix. Members of the group exchanged addresses and phone numbers on the spot — which were captured by Jay Yuskis ’93 on his laptop!”

The Arizona Bates Club has already offered its services to admissions for recruiting purposes and is looking forward to future gatherings.

[Photo: Wisconsin Bates Club]

The first Wisconsin Bates Club gathering included Lori Pederson ’48, David Concepcion ’88, Jennifer Wertkin ’89, Catherine Hatton Attig ’78, Don Pederson (who attended the V-12 program at Bates during 1944-1945), Val Van Metre Litchy ’83, and Wendy Kolb Harris ’79.

Bates alumni and parents in Wisconsin were invited to a gathering initiated and coordinated by Wendy Kolb Harris ’79, who noted, “The two hours passed quickly. It was interesting to listen to the paths our lives have taken and how we picked Bates, what we majored in, where we have been since graduation and how we ended up in Wisconsin in 1996.”

Student Musicians Captivate Bates Clubs
Ariel Cahn ’96 and Timothy Bakland ’98 performed in April for Bates clubs in Hartford, Rhode Island, and Androscoggin and Cumberland counties. Cahn, a flutist from Belmont, Massachusetts, earned high honors on her senior music thesis this year, which included pieces by Bach and Debussy. Bakland, a pianist, is a sophomore from Newburyport, Massachusetts.

The two student musicians were joined by Professor of Music William Matthews, who gave a computer music demonstration and presentation on “The Use of Technology in the Arts.”

The musicians performed for record crowds of alumni, parents, newly admitted students, and their families.