Class of 1995

Co-Class Secretaries: Scott Marchildon, 1 Newbury St., Auburn, ME,; Philip L. Pettis, 979 State St., Portsmouth, NH 03801

Co-Class Presidents: Jason and Deborah Nowak Verner, 52 Fairview Ave., Belmont, MA 02478,

Next Reunion in 2005. Got news? Tap out a note to!  Andrea Fleming teaches English at the Franklin D. Roosevelt School in Lima, Peru. As an undergraduate, she was a volunteer for Students in Admissions. During his visit to the school in Lima, admissions staffer Lawrence Epstein met Andrea at a college fair and said she is a great contact to recruit for Alumni-in-Admissions and other alumni advocacy work for Peru…. Charlotte Hankins earned her master’s in heritage preservation from Georgia State. She’s in Atlanta, working as a historian doing environmental review…. In New York City, Halley Love Bysshe is a vice president at Bernstein Investment Management & Research…. Lydia Russo Hanley is studying for her Jus.D. at Univ. Florida College of Law and Katie Segal is a candidate for her Jus.D. at Georgetown…. Margaret Schroeder was named a Bosch Foundation Fellow and will spend the year in Germany…. For the past five years Brenda Silvestri Maselli has taught science, most recently at St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, Conn. Finishing her master’s in special ed at Fairfield Univ., she and husband Joseph live in Dayville…. Ben and Ingerlene Voosen Embry completed master’s degrees at Kansas, in American studies and journalism, respectively.