Class of 1952

Class Secretary: Florence Dixon Prince, PO Box 594, Monument Beach, MA 02553-0594

Class President: John F. Myers, 37 Eagle Wing Ln., Brewster, MA 02631

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In Wayne, Lois and Peter Ault stay fit by cutting, stacking and hauling their own firewood and scooping and shoveling snow. Peter has been inspecting a bridge being constructed on a Superfund site in Corinna, incidental to clean-up of toxic waste from a closed woolen mill…. Paul Balise spends winters in Stuart, Fla., but travels in the wild West summers. He retired his motorcycle and now pulls his trailer home with a handsome truck, carries a motor bike for local travel and an inflatable boat to use for fishing along the way…. David and Clarice Cornforth Cargill in Franklin, Mass., are retired but have trouble cutting back their commitments so that they can enjoy the summer on Martha’s Vineyard…. In Baton Rouge, La., Larry and Shirley Beal Dallam are involved in various service activities, mostly with the elderly. Last fall they spent two days sightseeing in Boston before boarding a cruise ship to Nova Scotia and Maine for Sylvia’s 70th birthday…. From March to September in 2000, Norm Brackett served as interim CFO of, the former Hannaford home delivery operation in the Boston area…. Our sincere sympathy goes to Jen and Web Brockelman on the death of their 44-year-old daughter, Rebecca, from breast cancer. They planned to spend time in the winter in New Mexico…. Last September, Carolyn Carlson Leys cruised the Nile, seeing “old stuff” in Egypt and Jordan, but she did not like the camel rides!… Ruth and Hayward “Pete” Carsley have a new handicapped-equipped log cabin near their son and family in West Yellowstone and they welcome visitors….. Marilyn Coffin Brown’s great times in the past year include the Bates Reunion Workshop, her first time back since graduation and her visit with Fay Johnson Boardman after 25 years of letters and phone calls… Trustee Dick ’53 and Norma Crooks Coughlin are regular visitors to campus from Cape Elizabeth. They are big Sea Dogs baseball fans, watched the Tall Ships sail into Portland and attended the Cumberland County Bates Club lobster bake. (See the Reunion recap in this issue for a special award the Coughlins enjoyed!)…. In her first year of full retirement, Jean Decker Brooks has more time for friends, working with a group that raises money to help disadvantaged kids, and takes a turn at teaching at a Baha’i Sunday School. She serves on the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. County Commission, takes classes and theater trips with an Elderhostel-type program…. Class secretary Flo Dixon Prince retired last September from the town library, but has been asked to be a regular paid substitute on the circulation desk. She also is a volunteer church secretary on Wednesday mornings…. Frank and Judy Allen Dudley ’53 live in Dunwoody, a suburb of Atlanta, and announce a fourth grandchild born last August. They have seen Judy’s classmate, Ginny LaFauci Toner, whose son lives in the area. The Dudleys look forward to their reunions in ’02 and ’03…. Joan and John Duffett visited their daughter in Marburg, Germany, and were there to welcome a new grandson…. Since retirement, Virginia Edge Shedd has reorganized her church library and also assists in the elementary school library. With 13 grandchildren and families spread over five states, she and Charlie’s travel days are many including a trip also to England…. Continuing to spend the winters in Tucson, Jean and Bill Eveleth drove across country last May to Quechee, Vt., where they stay from May until late October and would love to see classmates…. Connie Fales Schilling has a new home in Reno, Nev., and a camp in Sabattus which keeps her Maine roots strong…. “Retirement is lovely,” says Larch Foxon Miller, who still lives in New York City. They may move to the Hanover, N.H., area as her daughter-in-law will be teaching at Dartmouth Medical School in June. Larch spends the summer at a girls’ camp in Casco 14 miles from Lewiston…. Last summer on Cape Cod, Conrad and Sally Haynes Smith celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with all 17 family members with them. Sally’s son discovered that he works occasionally with Marilyn Jackson Krajcik’s son in Raynham, Mass…. Jim and Louise Mainland Kelly took a long-planned-for land tour and cruise of Alaska last May. All their children live in Texas so they enjoy many family gatherings…. We were sorry to learn of the death of Fred Mansfield’s wife, Nina, who died in January 2000 after 40 years of marriage and send belated sympathy to him on his loss…. Jack and Nancy Larcom Miller live in Glastonbury, Conn., and in winter they head to warmer climes. When at home they are Hospice volunteers and Friendly Shoppers and Nancy volunteers as a Ham operator with an Emergency Preparedness group…. Susan Martin Ames keeps occupied as a volunteer at church, Sarasota’s Welfare Home Thrift Shop, and visiting their children. Their big trip last year was a Renaissance Cruise to the Mediterranean, a huge treat except for John ’53 who was mugged in Lisbon — but not seriously hurt!… Jack Myers has been chair of the Brewster Unitarian Universalist building committee for years as the church has grown to more than 700 members. A Canadian studies professor emeritus from Bridgewater State, he is active in a Civil War group and does some volunteer teaching…. Lee ’51 and Ruth Parr Faulkner move back and forth from Arizona to their Thompson Lake house, where they love the more laid-back pace of Maine. In the fall Ruth and three friends rented a villa in Tuscany where they all had been before, but this time for two weeks without husbands to do things “OUR way.”… Fred Phillips, living in Niceville in the Florida panhandle, enjoyed a family reunion last August. Although his stay at Bates was short, he still says that those were some of his most memorable times…. Happy news for Dorothy Pierce Morris, who married Ron Clayton ’53 in April 2000. They share a love of travel and family and have a second home in Yarmouth on Cape Cod…. Retirement for Robert and Jane Smith Putnam is filled with family contacts, volunteering, and lots of golf for Bob. Jane chaired a huge Christmas party for over 100 members of their planned community…. During the past year, Robert and Priscilla MacCharles Rice ’55 visited a daughter at Edinburgh Univ. They spend the summer on Cape Cod where two of their children and grandchildren live…. Early last year Sue and Wilbur Rust spent three months as medical volunteers in a Burmese refugee camp in Thailand. Treating landmine injuries, severe malaria, and deep wound infections takes up a lot of time and afternoons were spent teaching basic medicine and wound care to those returning to their villages…. Austin and Rosella Wilcox Rich have a love affair with Scotland and made another long visit there this past year. Needlework is Austin’s avocation and he is a true master of the art. He even has done honorary pieces for special occasions…. Charlie ’51 and Margery Schumacher Clark took granddaughter Jen ’00 with them to Europe, and also led 27 Interhostel members on a three-week trip to China. Back on the home front, Marge chairs the program committee of the Active Retirement Assn. and is a director of the Durham Housing Assn. Charlie has signed up with Bates to do a history of the College. (See winter/spring Bates Magazine.) Ernie and Marilyn Shaylor Mullen have undertaken the renovation of their basement into workshop, family room, kitchenette, bath and pool room. Ernie is the carpenter, Mal the painter…. Marshall Solomon celebrated his 70th birthday by taking his family, including all the grandchildren, to Maui, Hawaii…. Nancy Reade Sulides received the Volunteer Service Award 2000 from Maine Medical Center. She has organized and administered a group of knitters who make hats for oncology patients…. Edwin and Eleanor Swain are in good health and busy. He plays a lot of golf and she plays tennis almost daily. Last summer they toured the gardens of England and France wit
h a stop in Normandy and Paris. He maintains e-mail contact with Jack McLaren…. Last summer Chris and Richard Trenholm attended an Elderhostel in the Dakotas. After a triple bypass in August, he now rides bikes and uses a treadmill. He continues to work hard with the World Federalists and they were pleased to see the International Criminal Court Treaty passed in December…. John Wettlaufer lives in Steilacoom, Wash., where he still practices urology part time. Recent travels for him and Rita included a 12-day sea cruise to Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Estonia, Berlin, and Copenhagen…. Retiring from Ohio Univ. in June 2001, Robert Whealey is looking for an opportunity to serve a New England college history department when someone is on sabbatical. His second book on diplomatic history will be out next year: American Intervention in the Yugoslavian Civil War 1991-1999…. Armen and Edna Williamson Zemanian live in Port Jefferson, N.Y., where he teaches at Stony Brook Univ. Edna is retired (?) but works at a soup kitchen, food pantry, Bread for the World, Habitat for Humanity, and medical supplies for Cuba. She visits her 94-year-old mother in a nursing home on Cape Cod each month. We are sad to learn from Edna that Sara Denby Berthoud’s husband died this past year and we send our sympathy to “Denny.”… Jim and Eleanor Wolfe Watt still travel a lot each year from their home in Madison, Conn.