Class of 1951

Class Secretary: Dorothy Webb Quimby, PO Box 417, Unity, ME 04988-0417

Co-Class Presidents: Wilfred and Melissa Meigs Barbeau, 1 Grove St., Barrington, RI 02806-1921,

Next Reunion in 2001. Got news? Tap out a note to Elwood Gray writes: “Into my 13th year of retirement and still traveling; still riding the roller coasters (current count: 81 different coasters, but that will increase during September 2001); still rooting for professional bull riders during their competitions; still committed to a healthy dose of Lincoln Center performances; and still spend a month in Maine during the summer.”… Dana Jones writes that they couldn’t make Reunion because it conflicts with their 50th wedding anniversary cruise for family and friends. He worked for Trek and was involved in contract negotiations and sales with the CIA, “an extraordinarily interesting job.” After he retired in 1989 he moved to Melbourne, Fla., where he plays golf and sails RC sailboats. In seven years he has put 17,000 miles on a 36-foot twin-screw cruiser, from Florida to Maine, the Bahamas, and on Florida’s west coast.