Class of 1964

Class Secretary: Elizabeth Dowd Rubino, 59 Crystal Ct., Haverhill, MA 01832,

Class President: William A. Young III, 2404 Jackstay Terr., Reston, VA 20191-2619,

Next Reunion in 2004. Got news? Tap out a note to!  Paula Downey Bacon reported last spring from the sandy spit of Cape Cod that she was trying “to decide where to put a little sailboat that has come to me through the ski club.” Her son may be one of the high-tech types looking to flee California, which could bring her three grandchildren closer. She’s in favor of that!… Dave Harrison, whose father died of prostate cancer in 1985, has conscientiously been tested for it since then. Last summer, the test caught cancer in him as well. He had it removed — “quite an experience!” We wish him good health in the future…. Ingrid Kaiser’s daughter is a Bates alumna, Class of ’01. “Can’t believe we’re finally done.” She meets Sarah Smith Halliday for coffee. “We try to hook up once in a while. It’s easier these days since the kids are up and away.”… Liz Metz McNab returned to school after vacation to the Rhode Island Writing Assessments for third graders. Today what is expected of them is “truly amazing.” Dave and the family are all well…. Nancy Nichols Dixon and husband Dick visited a son and his family in Houston. They managed a biking trip in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and a bike ride in Mississippi…. As a visiting professor at a small liberal arts college in northern Texas, Anne Packard missed the ice and snow last winter, but “having the flowers come out in March was sort of nice.” She described the college as like Bates with “anatomy and physiology in one semester, even a heritage course!” She will be back in New Hampshire for the summer and probably looking for another visiting position…. Lynn Parker Schiavi, skiing with her family last winter, says her grandsons ski like their temperaments: “Nick (6) charges ahead but falls a lot and ends up exhausted. Mike (5) stays focused and just quietly moves along. Suddenly you realize he had gotten way ahead of you.” John and Lynn were among a number of laypeople who received an award from the Diocese for their outstanding service and long-term commitments. The Schiavis donated land for the new St. Dom’s High School in Auburn. “As volunteers they have always been there, a family dedicated to the church in so many ways.”… Last February, Liz McNab and I drove to New Hampshire for the memorial service for Gail Tupper Hayden’s husband, Perry ’63. It was a beautiful tribute to his life, to his beliefs, his kindness, and to his love for his family. Peter Koch ’63 spoke of their time at Bates, as did John Meyn. It was so very obvious from everyone who spoke that Perry was admired and was loved. Ralph Bartholomew, Nancy (Dillman) and John David were there as well. Nancy, although retired from teaching in Connecticut, is once again substitute teaching in New Hampshire…. Bill Young, our class president, is a new grandfather: his first grandchild is the daughter of his eldest son, Howard ’91.