Class of 1958

Class Secretary: Marilyn Miller Gildea, PO Box 4411, Incline Village, NV 89450-4411;

Class President: William D. MacKinnon Jr., 10 Midstream Dr., South Yarmouth, MA 02664;

Next Reunion in 2003. Got news? Tap out a note to! Retired since last July, Peter Alling is heavily involved with his church’s executive board. He has a son and daughter nearby, and drove to Durham, N.C., in January to visit his other son and family. From there he spent a month at a golf course at Isle of Palms, near Charleston, S.C….. Another golf addict, H. Cook Anderson played on “some great golf courses” in Pinehurst, N.C., Prince Edward Island, Myrtle Beach, and Bermuda. Cook also had an “audience” with Cape Cod Billy (class president MacKinnon) at his Cape home last fall…. Lawrence Beer mentions his conversation with Dave Lemieux and says it is “nice to share memories with an old friend.”… We are sorry to learn that Constance, dear wife of Paul Gastonguay, died unexpectedly on Aug. 15. Family support and the presence of three wonderful grandchildren provide him with “very powerful reasons for surviving with strength and determination.”… When the Bates-Bowdoin-Colby alumni took a joint cruise on the Nantucket Clipper, one port of call was Beaufort, S.C., and a contingent of ’58ers was there with Bates banner prominently displayed. Bill Dillon came down the gangplank to greet classmates Pete Post and Bill MacKinnon. Invited on board, the group had coffee while the passengers finished breakfast and a pleasant visit was enjoyed by all. Incidentally, the first people to notice the Bates banner outside the dining room windows were Bowdoin and Harvard folks!… On Cape Cod, Carol Gibson Smith serves as a probate judge and says youngsters with serious problems seem to be younger each year. Daughter Lynette is the motions clerk in the Kansas State Appeals Court. Son Lee, at Chase Manhattan in Tampa, gives Carol reason to go to Florida often. She’d love to have visits from friends who go to Plymouth…. Joan Kennard Michel writes: “We’re at our home in Rumney, N.H., at least half time every week. Summers we garden, canoe, kayak, and swim. Conrad and I traveled to Malta last spring and plan a Belgium and Holland riverway cruise/tour in April. Wildlife is abundant around our New Hampshire property. One morning, a red squirrel rudely awakened us by running over our faces. He came and went thru the open skylight window of our A-frame. (I replaced the screen after that!)”… Kenneth and Nancy Tyler Harris ’59 have retired from Slippery Rock Univ. He is a church elder and choir member and keeps up his interest in theater. Active in the American College Theater Festival, he also was Desdemona’s father in the university’s Othello production and manages finances for Rotary. “Proving that my engagement in mayoralty at Bates paid off,” he was elected mayor of Slippery Rock. Nancy is a church deacon; she and Ken also enjoy travel….. Harry and Kay Johnson Howells are in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, until mid-April each year, returning for summer to Salt Lake City. In each place they play golf and tennis with good friends, garden madly, and babysit grandchild Tommy (2) while in Utah…. Bill and Colleen Jenkins Huckabee traded in their big house for two small ones, spending six months in Camden and the rest of the year in Delaware, Ohio…. Last November Dorothy Hutch retired “too soon to know where my interests, abilities, and opportunities will lead me.”… Alan Kaplan is in his second year with the U.S. Army Disability Agency, “not yet ready to retire.” Nancy continues as a teacher’s aide four days a week. They have moved to a smaller home at King Farm Development in Rockville, Md., within walking distance of home, shopping, and eating…. Tom King’s book, The Great Matrimonial Debate, is set primarily on the Bates campus. Check on “Bookstore” in, then search for title…. The only way to go,” says Romaine Kolesnikoff Abraham, of her November trip, flying to San Diego to join a 16-day cruise to Hawaii. She works “only very casually per diem.”… Dave Lemieux credits his positive attitude as he copes with cancer. He and Rose booked a Caribbean cruise in January…. Gail and Robert Lowden have retired to Fairview Lake in the Poconos…. After their winter in Beaufort, S.C., Marilyn and Bill MacKinnon returned to South Yarmouth on Cape Cod in May. They signed up to work on a Habitat for Humanity house in the spring. Learning that John and Jane Willard Manteiga live nearby, over dinner they caught up on 40-plus years. Cook Anderson dropped in one morning, and they see Jim and Betsey Gray Kirsch regularly…. Completing his 11th year as probate judge for Granby, Conn., Philip Main says it is “rewarding to be able to help people in a time of stress and difficulty.” He and Pat (Baker ’59) have four grandchildren to love and fuss over, including twins Danielle and Derek (1), children of Dave and Linda Main Erwin ’83…. Dave and Ruth Melzard Stewart’s four children have treated them with a new grandchild about every year — seven at present. Since the kids are spread across the country, visiting time is limited. Ruth’s real-estate business, golf and tennis fill their days…. Marilyn Miller Gildea says, “Come visit me at lovely Lake Tahoe.” Along with a cruise to the Inside Passage of Alaska, exploring Utah with Elderhostel, visiting Harry and Kay Johnson Howells in Salt Lake City, Marilyn spent Christmas on Long Island with two East Coast sons. She also helped youngest son, Dan, settle into a 100-year-old house in West Philadelphia, while he is in a postdoctoral program at Penn…. Retired but still working, James Parker has lived with his daughter since the death of his wife, Alice, three years ago…. From “somewhere in Idaho” (Driggs) Judith Perley Fitzgerald and retired professor husband Jim go camping in the three-state area from May to November. Twice a year they go to the Northwest coast, have visited Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. Jim fishes Idaho and Wyoming rivers, Judy takes many pictures of moose and other wild life…. Peter Post chairs the board of Fisher College in Boston, so he and Jane have reason to leave Dataw Island, S.C., and return north occasionally…. Anne Ridley Scigliano sends greetings from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. She is a member of the endowment board of one of the excellent private schools there, serves on the Botanical Garden board, as secretary and events chair of a social club, and is a member of the House Tours Committee of Landmarks Society. She and Peter are “having the time of our lives in Paradise” where, among other things, he plays a lot of golf…. Vinal and Nancy Smith Noyes, now retired, have moved to their camp in Lee, Maine…. Roger and Nancy Spencer Baker are able to travel now that he has retired…. A volunteer teacher at Great Meadows Wildlife Refuge in the Lexington (Mass.) area, Barbara Stetson Munkres also continues with her painting. Husband Jim teaches one course at MIT and both were finally “traveled out” from their many trips…. Retired for three years, Sheldon Sullaway teaches part time at Tufts Dental School and has time for tennis, golf, and fishing. In October, while at their Hilton Head timeshare, Sheldon “made the mistake of challenging Peter Post to a nine-hole practice putting green contest. I lost badly.” On a trip to Florida in January, they visited Nanc
y and Alan Kaplan…. Living in Casco, Tom and Carole Carbone Vail leave Maine for three months in Florida, visiting son Mike and family in Tampa. They were in Hawaii for Christmas.