Class of 1990

Co-Class Secretaries: William P. Binan, 248 E 71st Street, Apt. 3-S, New York, NY 10021,; Christine S. Johnson, 66 Payson St., Portland, ME 04102,

Co-Class Presidents: David W.B. Smith, 438 Seneca Rd., Great Falls, VA 22066; David C. Hazlett, 15 Leggs Hill Rd., Marblehead, MA 01945,

Next Reunion in 2005. Got news? Tap out a note to! Bill Binan (your other co-class secretary) lives in New York and juggles time between getting back into the Internet industry, writing his screenplay, and mastering Halo for the Xbox. (Without the cheat guides, thank you very much.)… Tina Brickley Engberg didn’t win the $325 Million Big Game. However, she and Kaj ’91 are going to Sebasco, Maine, in June to celebrate her grandmother’s 100th year. “The family reunion will include five Batesies (Kaj, me, Chris Briggs-Hale ’88, Cathy Briggs-Hale ’88, and J.D. Hale ’82), since we’re all related and two of us are statistics.” Tina has been elected to a two-year term on the board of directors of the Greater Atlanta affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation…. Michael Edgar loves teaching biology and science at Milton Academy. He teaches marine biology, field ecology, and a class called “Methods of Scientific Research” to ninth graders. He also coaches, lives in the dorms, and takes part in class deaning. He’s marrying Christine Hong (a Bowdoinite, alas for the Bobcat-Bobcat marriage statistic) in Maine this summer…. Bradford Ellis assumes his post as assistant professor of Spanish at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis., this August…. Lauren Holden writes: “The change from NYC sirens to Northwest train whistles is working out for me. I’m enjoying marriage and the mellow buzz of PDX” — Portland International Airport, we guess. Lauren also demands that Brad Stratton get in touch with her…. Christine Johnson (your co-class secretary) is CEOing at Axon Design Management, a full-service communications firm. She’s still living, sailing, golfing, skiing, and slowly getting closer to an M.B.A. in the Portland, Maine, metroplex…. Amy Morrissette McGarry is a shareholder in the law firm of Nadeau & McGarry, PA, of Sanford/Wells. She earned her law degree from Washington Univ. Amy and husband Daniel live in Kennebunk…. Bill Prendergast, longtime listener, first-time caller, lives in Portland, Ore., with wife Jenny and two children, Wilson (2 1/2) and Logan (10 months) and is a business analyst at Nike Inc. in America’s Apparel. He’s been with Nike “on and off” since graduation, and most of the off time has been spent with the Army going to school. He is a troop commander of Troop E, 1st Squadron, 82nd Cavalry, and has been with the Oregon National Guard for 10 years. He’s been skiing with Greg and Jane Goodell Bartholomew ’89 in Vail, spent a weekend with Rich and Heather Falk Nolan ’92 in central Oregon, and sees Lauren Holden on the Nike campus infrequently. He and Jenny are looking forward to a trip to Washington D.C., were he will be presented the General MacArthur Award for Army Leadership…. James Petrone has been at Travelers in Hartford since graduation and in his current job since early 1995. “For fun I enjoy being outdoors and being active. The two main activities are skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. No wife and no kids” — at least none that he’s aware of, at this point…. Dan and Elise Rodrigues Record settled in the White Mountains permanently and recently bought a new home with beautiful mountain views. Dan became assistant principal of the fourth- through eighth-grade elementary school in Berlin, N.H., and has served as the school counselor for seven years. M.Ed. in hand, Ann Elise is teaching fifth grade and finding it very challenging yet rewarding to balance being a mother and a first-year teacher. Matthew (9) and Kathryn (6) are involved in sports and piano and dance lessons…. David Smith joined the actuarial, benefits, and investment consulting firm Bolton Offutt Donovan Inc. as consultant and director of marketing in the Washington, D.C., office…. Alisia St. Florian lives in Newton, Mass., with husband Ben and kids Julia (3) and Alex (1). She is an attorney practicing special-education law for Milne Law Offices in Dover. She works from home, which she loves. She is in regular contact with Marnie Patterson Cochran and Karen LaConte Roberts…. Kristin Stewart works in Washington, D.C., in health policy four days a week so she can have some extra time with baby Annabel…. September will be a big month for Sarah Stone and husband Don Munsil. Roland will start kindergarten and Malcolm will turn 2. “I will have been a stay-at-home mom for two years and am mostly enjoying it. Don is still with Microsoft. Latest accomplishments include planting an herb garden, finally having enough bookshelves for all our books, and limiting our TiVo watching to three nights a week.” This June they will travel to Connecticut and plan to see Lara Strong and her two kids, who will be visiting Long Island from Hungary… Brad Stratton left D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles in NYC to become a music producer/composer at a production house in New York. He and wife Dana live in Brooklyn. Da bum. Rob Williams and Allison (Davis) ’89 live in Richmond, Va., with daughter Margaret (4) and son Matthew (6). They have lived in Virginia since 1993 when Rob attended UVA for his M.B.A. Last year he started International Construction Equipment, buying construction equipment in Europe, Africa, and Australia and importing it. Rob says Richmond is a good place to live: affordable, good weather, good location, and very Southern…. Jacqueline Pizer Vlietstra doesn’t plan to go back to practicing law anytime soon and loves watching Maggie (4 1/2) and baby Henry (1) laugh and play together…. Hani Durzy, Bob Keenan, Andy Smith, and Andrea Bueschel still live in San Francisco (except Andy, who we all know lives in Albany, Calif.). They don’t write, and they don’t call. They don’t care about us anymore.