Meet our Multifaith Partners!

If you are wondering what a “multifaith” community is, it is a group of people who create spaces for sharing and exploring identities, perspectives, convictions, and practices. At Hearth, {Pause}, or any of the programs of the Multifaith Chaplaincy, you will meet some of these student leaders and many others who bring unique stories and perspectives. These Multifaith Partners plan all the activities of the Multifaith Chaplaincy, so you will see them around. Below, you can find a few words about what they have found in this community.

Adya Agarwal ’24 is a Neuroscience major and Philosophy minor who is from India. You will probably find her dancing in the Philosophy lounge and eating desserts while talking about everything and anything in Commons. She has a a quick wit, hearty laugh, and a natural way of winning people to her latest adventure. She enjoys traversing cultures and building community wherever she lands by having meaningful conversations and making people feel seen. This semester, she looks forward to creating artsy and reflective spaces as a Pause Fellow.

Alexa Bowerfind ’24 is a Psychology major from the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon out west. Alexa loves to hike, picnic, paddle board, run, make music, and spend time with friends and family. At Bates, find Alexa lounging outside on the quad, wandering around Commons excitedly greeting everyone they know like a puppy, or happily cruising around on their bike. They are looking forward to coordinating one of their favorite events on campus, Pause, during their senior year.

Multifaith is a true light on campus. Everyone is welcome and held in that space.

Giancarlo Carlucci ’24 is an English and Psychology double major originally from Brazil. He currently lives in New York and his favorite pastimes are going on walks, playing guitar, watching movies and reading. At Bates you’ll probably find him sitting at Commons for hours on end talking to whoever wants to sit down and have a chat. He loves meeting new people and learning more about them because it makes him feel like he’s bringing people together and developing a sense of community for himself and others. Fortunately, this will be his actual job as a Hearth Coordinator this year.

Emma Davidson ’26 is a Psychology major from Newton, Massachusettes. She loves to spend her time painting, playing the ukulele, running, and hiking. She also loves people-watching and eating toasted PB and jelly sandwiches. She enjoys the serenity of nature and likes to practice yoga in peaceful, sunny places. You can most likely find her walking endless loops around the puddle with her friends. She loves having authentic conversations with new people and is super excited to bring people together through fun events as an Arts and Spirituality Fellow!

Risa Sood Horiuchi ’25 is a Sociology major from Queens, New York. She loves to run around Lewiston, eat all kinds of ethnic food, and sit in commons for hours at dinner time. At Bates she’s also involved in the South Asian Students Association, the Bollywood Dance Team, and the Restorative Practices Program. If you were to peek into her room’s window you’d likely find her having her own little dance party. She is thrilled to be a Crossroads fellow this year as multifaith has been a home for her since her first year. She hopes to pass on the warmth and kindness that the multifaith family has shown her. Passionate about bringing people together and fostering lasting communities, she can’t wait for Crossroads in the fall!

Whitney Miller ’26 is from Brooklyn, NY. She hasn’t declared her major yet, but has quite enjoyed her history and sociology classes. She can often be found doing a crossword puzzle, taking a lengthy walk, and embarking on spontaneous adventures with her friends. Whitney is a strong proponent of drinking at least two cups of tea a day and taking time to stare at the moon. She is really excited to be a Stringfellow and help create space for thoughtful conversation and social justice-oriented action.

Levi Mindlin ’24 is a Neuroscience major and Earth & Climate Sciences minor from Portland, Oregon. He can usually be found in his hammock or on the second floor of the library, typically with a bright orange thermos of tea in hand. He strongly believes in swimming in natural water, hand-written thank you notes, and the Oxford comma. He is a New York Times Crossword enthusiast, and loves to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors. Levi is excited to be a Hearth Coordinator this year and share the value of being in silence with friends, old and new.

Multifaith is a constant source of joy, peace, support, and community for religious and non-religious students alike. Their spaces and events facilitate lasting connections, often making friends of strangers over the course of a single evening.

Fenna Oliphant-Linden ’26 is an Africana major from Bethesda, MD. He loves to cook for those he loves, read, make music, bike and fish. If you are looking for him on campus, you can be sure to find him in the Ronj or an Olin practice room. He is so unbelievably pumped to host new events, engage in meaningful conversation, and help people find where they belong at Bates as a Stringfellow this year. WARNING: please do not bring up the countries of the Netherlands or Jamaica or mention the 1997 Volvo 850 wagon unless you are prepared for Fenna to talk AT you for upwards of half an hour. 

Lucia Pizarro ‘24 is an English major from New Jersey. Find her prancing about Lewiston at odd hours, especially at Thorncrag (when it’s not tick season!!) or at Rolly’s Diner on Saturday mornings. She loves The New Yorker’s cartoons, breakfast potatoes, cows, jazz, berries, and her friends. When she’s not writing letters, reading, or talking too loudly over tea, she likes to wander speedily through cities or climb tall mountains. She’s stoked to have thoughtful conversations with other folks at Crossroads (and in general) this year.

If Bates is one big house, Multifaith is the warm living room bubbling with laughter and dialogue, silence and connection.

Phoebe Stern

Phoebe Stern ’24 is a religious studies major from Nashville, Tennessee.  If you are looking for her on campus, you will find Phoebe hammocking on alumni, tossing a disc on the quad, or socializing in Ladd.  She loves table hopping in Commons and having conversations that range from debating the best ice-cream flavor to learning what one piece of advice has shaped a person’s life.  This year, Phoebe is leading the planning for Multifaith Banquet and Baccalaureate.

Multifaith has been a constant rock for me throughout my time at Bates.  Having a space on campus that is full of people that are loving, full of joy, and genuine has been a centering presence on campus that is unrivaled.