Online giving comes to Bates

Beginning Dec. 5, alumni, parents and friends may go online with their credit card to make gifts to the Bates Fund.

“It’s a great option for donors as we head into the final month of the 2001 tax year,” said Kimberly Hokanson, director of annual giving. “Gifts can be made online using a secure server, which protects the donor’s privacy. It’s easy and it’s fast. People are used to the convenience of making purchases online — it’s a logical step to offer online giving, as well.”

After the system goes live Dec. 5, alumni, parents and friends will be able to make credit card donations at

“Most of our peer schools offer online giving,” said Vicky Devlin, vice president for development. “Those schools have seen a significant increase in participation following the introduction of online giving — particularly among their most recent graduates. The alumni participation rate is perhaps the college’s most reported fact, due to the weight it is given in college guide rankings.”

During the 2000-2001 fiscal year ending last June, 9,817 alumni, parents and friends gave $12.94 million to Bates, including a record $3 million to the annual Bates Fund.