Portland Press Herald highlights All-American Manter '11

The Press Herald‘s Rachel Lenzi interviews Ben Manter ’11 of Vassalboro after he became the 10 Bates skier and first Mainer to win alpine All-America honors. Manter, who made two clean runs to finish 10th at the NCAA Skiing Championships at Steamboat Springs, Colo., describes what it was like to compete in the all-division event: “There’s some really, really good guys there who are from around the world. There’s tons of people there who’ve been on national teams, and the competition is very, very steep.” Alpine teammate and fellow Mainer Bump Heldman ’12 of Auburn also competed at the NCAAs, and he says Manter has “very good form, he’s very balanced on his skis, and on that hill you had to be on top of your skis on every turn.” View story from the Portland Press Herald, Mar. 27, 2010.

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