Lakes Region Weekly chats with MacMillan author Cowan '61

Lakes Region Weekly writer John Balentine talks with Mary Morton Cowan ’61 of Standish, author of the nonfiction children’s book, Captain Mac: the Life of Donald Baxter MacMillan, about the famed Arctic explorer. “Young kids today have not probably ever heard of Donald MacMillan,” she explains. “They’ve heard of Robert Peary…[but] Donald MacMillan kind of got lost in the shuffle. And it’s because he did not toot his own horn. Period.” While the daring nature of the era’s many explorers has been well-chronicled, Cowan suggests the source of MacMillan’s own motivation. “He lost both parents by the time he was 12…. He probably figured, I’ve lost the big things in life, I’m not scared of death.” View story from the Lakes Region Weekly, April 23, 2010.

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