The Republican talks to Northstar Session singer-songwriter Szlachetka '02

The Republican of Springfield, Mass., talks to singer-songwriter Matt Szlachetka ’02, whose band, the L.A.-based Northstar Session, is touring New England in support of its third album, Late Bloomer, including a stop at the Irish Twins Pub here in Lewiston on Thursday evening, July 21.


Highly praised of late, the band has appeared on the NBC show Parenthood, prompting a critic to note that “you don’t get a song on a high-powered, heavily marketed show like Parenthood by writing lousy songs. And The Northstar Session doesn’t write lousy songs. In fact, The Northstar Session’s ear-pleasing sound is one part laid-back roots-rock, one part catchy indie pop, and one part L.A. swagger.”

A music major, Szlachetka moved to Los Angeles in 2006, where he hooked up with bandmates Kane McGee (drums) and Dave Basaraba (keyboard). “We have never had a permanent bass player and usually have four or five players on rotation,” he tells The Republican. “We always kid around that we’re like Spinal Tap except with bass players.”

View story from The Republican, July 12, 2011.

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