Sunday Telegram continues glowing reception for ‘Starstruck’

“Startrails,” a 2011 inkjet print by Yuichi Takasaka, is one of the astrophotographs on display in the Museum of Art exhibition “Starstruck” through Dec. 15.

With a couple of weeks still left for the Bates College Museum of Art exhibition Starstruck: The Fine Art of Astrophotography, Maine Sunday Telegram art critic Daniel Kany urged his readers not to miss it.

“Whether you go for photography, art, science or spirituality, Starstruck is one of the most moving and intriguing exhibitions to alight here in, well, eons,” Kany wrote in a Dec. 2 review of the long-running show.

“If you don’t know about astrophysics, you have all the more reason to go. All you have to do is look.”

Organized by museum Education Curator Anthony Shostak, Starstruck was one of the first major exhibitions to treat astrophotography — the practice of photographing stars, planets, nebulae and other celestial presences — as an art form, in addition to its scientific value. Kany’s review was the latest in a strong of prominent and highly favorable reviews of the show, including spots on the local NBC affiliate, WCSH-TV, on Aug. 30 and Nov. 2.

Kany’s review also looked at a thematically related show at Portland’s Space Gallery put together by Liz Sheehan, formerly of the Bates museum.

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