Oregonian profiles Your Brandlive app developed by Brumder ’01

It’s a kick to Skype with Grandma or a job candidate, but would you want to have an interactive video session with your favorite retailer?

The Oregonian newspaper, in its profile of Your Brandlive, co-founded by Fritz Brumder ’01, describes the Web application as a “tool that allows retailers to reach consumers through live video chats akin to Home Shopping Network or QVC events.”

Your BrandLIve founder Fritz Brumder ’01 discusses his web application on a “Meet the Startup” interview in Portland, Ore.

Consumers can pose questions from their computers directly to the retailer, who in turn can direct a pitch or demonstration to a captive audience.

“Retailing and shopping by nature is a person-to-person, social process,” says Brumder, an interdisciplinary major in film and video production at Bates.

“While the Web has given us tools to sell and merchandise and make it utilitarian, I think human nature is about putting people in front of people and have them interact around a product or market.”

“If I could Skype or Facetime with a retailer, would I like that?”

Reporter D.K. Rowe quotes brand manager Andy Meyer of the outdoor outfitter Marmot, which is among 45 clients using Your Brandlive. Meyer offers this litmus test for using Your Brandlive: “If a consumer asks: ‘If I could Skype or Facetime with a retailer, would I like that?’ If the answer is yes, then they’d like the Your Brandlive experience.”

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