For a college coach like Jon Furbush ’05, saying goodbye to talented seniors is a coaching reality.

Still, “it’s always a fun adjustment,” says the men’s basketball coach. “You miss the old ones but you really appreciate the new ones.”

Fans can watch two key “new ones” at 7 tonight as the Bobcats kick off their NESCAC schedule vs. Bowdoin in Alumni Gym.

Juniors Nick Lynch of Westford, Mass., and Brandon Galloway of Fort Washington, Md., have taken over the low-post defensive duties once handled by twin brothers Malcolm Delpeche and Marcus Delpeche, standouts who graduated last spring and now play professionally in Germany.

A six-foot-seven center, Lynch is a traditional big man. Galloway is shorter (“Six-two on a good day”) yet effectively guards players a half-foot taller with strength, grit, and what Furbush calls “ridiculous hands.”

Together, says their coach, the pair are “really bringing it.”

Lynch and Galloway forged a strong friendship last year as they worked to overcome injury. “We basically became best friends,” Lynch says. “The rehab process is not easy and we really pushed each other to get back on the court.”

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