Union election results statement

Dear Colleagues,

I write to provide an update on the union election conducted by the Regional Office of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in Boston in January 2022. There were 440 valid ballots cast from the designated bargaining unit, and all verified ballots have been counted. A majority of those voting have voted against union representation at Bates, with 254 against and 186 in favor.

I recognize that this process has been long and challenging, and individuals will likely have strong — and differing — reactions to this news. Bates aims to provide all employees with competitive wages, strong benefits, and the opportunity to participate in a vibrant campus community. These fundamental values will continue to shape our work together to serve our students and provide a transformative undergraduate education.

Additionally, during the union organizing campaign, colleagues raised many important issues that merit our attention and action to enhance the employee experience at Bates. Work on these issues has already begun, and I look forward to continuing our progress as a community.

Thank you for your patience and commitment to our students, fellow colleagues, and the mission of the college. The work ahead is to make Bates a community where everyone is seen, heard, respected, and valued.