Institutional Dashboards

To view any of the dashboards, select the heading or thumbnail to right.

Admission Statistics

The Admission dashboard includes:

  • number of applicants
  • number of admitted students
  • total and first-year admit rate
  • yield rate

Demographic Statistics

The Diversity dashboard includes:
  • total and first-year student Pell Grant information
  • enrollment of BIPOC students
  • enrollment by gender
  • enrollment by first generation (first gen)
  • enrollment by international student
  • enrollment by nation

Enrollment Statistics

The Enrollment dashboard includes:
  • total fall enrollment
  • enrollment by gender
  • enrollment by race
  • enrollment of BIPOC students

Faculty Statistics

The Faculty dashboard includes:
  • faculty by rank
  • tenure track faculty
  • faculty by divison
  • faculty by gender
  • BIPOC faculty

Financial Aid Statistics

The Financial Aid dashboard includes:

  • all student aid
  • first-year cohort aid
  • average net price


Graduation and Retention Statistics

The Graduation & Retention dashboard includes:

  • 4 and 6 year graduation rates
  • retention rate
  • number of degrees awarded (B.A. and B.S.)