Data Governance: Roles and Responsibilities

Several roles and responsibilities govern the management of, access to, and accountability for institutional data.

Data Governance Committee

This committee is comprised of functional data stewards from across all functions and departments of the College.

Data Trustees

Data Trustees are senior college officials (e.g., vice presidents) or their designees who have planning, policy-level, and management responsibility for data within their functional areas.

Data Stewards

Data Stewards are college officials who have direct operational-level responsibility for the management of one or more types of institutional data. Data Stewards are assigned by the Data Trustee and are generally associate vice presidents, directors or managers.

Data Administrators

Data Administrators are individuals (outside of ILS) who are responsible for data collection and management and who have been granted authority to grant internal access to data from their functional area by the Data Steward and/or Data Trustees.

Data Users

Data Users are college units or individual college community members who have been granted access to institutional data in order to perform assigned duties or in fulfillment of assigned roles or functions within the college; this access is granted solely for the conduct of college business.

Below is the organizational scheme for trustees and stewards by administrative data area. See contact list designated data administrators.

Administrative Data Area Data Trustee Data Steward
Admission Dean of Admission & Financial Aid Admission Research Analyst & Information Systems Manager
Advancement & Alumni VP for College Advancement Senior Director of Advancement Services
Finance VP for Finance & Administration / Treasurer Controller
Financial Aid Dean of Admission & Financial Aid Director of Student Financial Services
Human Resources (Faculty/Staff) VP for Finance & Administration / Treasurer Assistant VP of Human Resources
Information & Library Services VP for Information & Library Services and Librarian Director of Systems Development & Integration (IS)

Assoc. College Librarian for Systems & Bibliographic Services

Institutional Statistics & Analytical President Director of Institutional Research, Analysis, & Planning
Student Affairs VP for Student Affairs & Dean of Students VP for Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Student Enrollment & Academic Affairs VP for Academic Affairs & Dean of the Faculty Registrar