Sociology Thesis Students Present at Mount David Summit 2014

The Mount David Summit is an annual celebration of student research, artistic work, and community-based scholarship at Bates College.

Each year at the end of the winter semester, students from all classes present their work to each other and to faculty, staff, families and community members in a symposium format. The Summit spotlights the rich and varied academic activities of Bates students across the disciplines, and honors the vibrant intellectual life of the college. Named for the landmark “mountain” on the campus, the Summit is guided by the motto of the college — Amore ac Studio — loosely translated, With Love and Zeal, With Ardor and Devotion: devotion to scholarship, creativity, and the life of the mind.

This year, students presented a panel “Individual and Society: Senior Thesis Research in Sociology” moderated by Emily Kane, Professor of Sociology.  The various topics presented were:

  • Community Response to Sexual Assault: A Study of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program in Lewiston, ME: Molly Huffaker ’14
  • What Should We Call Me?: Kaitlin McDonald ’14
  • Social Entrepreneurship and the New American Sustainable Agricultural Project:  Evelyn Hartz ’14