Placement Exam

First-year students as well as continuing students wishing to study Spanish at Bates must take the department placement exam prior to registration in order to determine their entry level course.

The placement exam comprises 50 multiple choice questions and measures the level of the student’s grammatical knowledge of Spanish. The time it takes each student to complete depends on level of ability in the language. Upon completion, a percentage grade and the following placement chart will be displayed.

Score Recommended Course
above 85% 205
70-84% 202
40-69% 201
below 39% 103

Placement scores are forwarded to the registrar’s office and the corresponding prerequisite override is recorded on the student’s record automatically. Students are only allowed to register for the course into which they have placed; questions regarding entry into a course other than the one recommended by the placement results, should be addressed to the instructor or the department chair.

For those considering a minor in Spanish, the entry level course is SPAN 201, (SPAN 103 Accelerated Elementary does not count towards the minor).

For prospective majors, the first required course is SPAN 205 Advanced Spanish. SPAN 103-202 do not count.