Student Conduct & Community Standards

Bates Statement of Community Principles

Membership in the Bates community requires that individuals hold themselves and others responsible for honorable conduct at all times. Together we create the educational and social setting that makes Bates College unique, with an atmosphere characterized by trust and mutual concern. Our actions must support our ability to work, study, live and learn together productively and safely. We are dedicated as a community to intellectual honesty and to the protection of academic freedom. These values are fundamental to scholarship, teaching and learning. We expect each other to maintain the highest integrity in all of our academic and social undertakings.

In keeping with the College’s mission to encourage student development, and to foster leadership, service, and creativity, certain policies and community standards have been established to further these educational goals. The student conduct and community standards programs at Bates College are educationally focused at their core, seeking to help students learn from their mistakes and resolve conflicts, while balancing the needs of the greater Bates and Lewiston-Auburn communities.

In addition to community standards, we support individual health and wellness throughout conduct processes.  We provide college resources and engage in restorative practices that support physical and mental well-being for each student and their community.

All of the relevant college policies and procedures can be found on the websites on the menu above. Director of Residence Life & Community Standards Jimmy Riley manages the college’s student conduct and community standards programs. If students or parents have any questions, Jimmy Riley is available via email at, or to schedule an appointment call 207-786-6220.