Student Conduct Committee

Cases of misconduct that are not resolved by Conflict Resolution and are more serious than can be resolved by a Judicial Officer Review or through the Student Judicial Board are heard by the Student Conduct Committee (SCC). All major cases of misconduct where there is sufficient evidence to support a referral as described in the investigation process above shall be referred by the Judicial Officer to the Student Conduct Committee. A major case of misconduct is any case wherein, in the judgment of the Judicial Officer, appropriate student conduct action, if taken, might involve suspension or dismissal.

The SCC is charged with the authority to hold hearings, to determine whether or not a violation of College policy has occurred, and to issue appropriate sanctions.

Students whose misconduct is addressed through an SCC hearing have an opportunity to offer their account of the events in question and can provide the Committee with relevant information which might explain the conduct. The Committee may also hear from several types of additional witnesses. Students referred for alleged misconduct have an opportunity to respond to information provided by others at the hearing.

The SCC deliberates in closed session to determine whether a violation of College policy has occurred and to decide what sanctions are to be imposed.

More information about the Student Conduct Committee can be found in The Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures in Part II Section 4.