Interim Measures & Interim Suspension

Where a respondent poses an immediate threat of harm to the safety or well-being of an individual or members of the campus community, or to the performance of normal college functions, the college may remove a respondent from the college on a temporary, emergency basis. Pending resolution of the case, the individual may be denied access to campus, campus facilities, and/or all other college activities or privileges for which the individual might otherwise be eligible. Due to the potentially significant impact of this action, the decision to remove a respondent is not taken lightly. Interim suspension will occur only after an individualized safety and risk analysis has determined that an immediate threat to the safety or well-being of a student or other individual justifies removal. This risk analysis is performed by the Senior Associate Dean of Students or their designee in conjunction with the Bates Care Collaborative using its standard objective violence risk assessment procedures. If this analysis suggests it is appropriate to remove an individual, the Senior Associate Dean of Students or their designee will forward a recommendation for removal to the Dean of Students who will make the final determination.

In all cases in which an interim suspension is imposed, the student or will be given notice of the action, including a summary of the basis for the interim suspension, and the option to request to meet with the Senior Associate Dean of Students or their designee and Dean of Students prior to such action/removal being imposed, or as soon thereafter as reasonably possible, to show cause why the action/removal should not be implemented or should be modified.

This meeting is not a hearing on the merits of the allegation(s), but rather is an administrative process intended to determine solely whether the interim suspension is appropriate. When this meeting is not requested in a timely manner, objections to the interim suspension will be considered waived and the interim suspension will be imposed. A respondent may be accompanied by an advisor when attending this show cause meeting. There is no appeal process for interim suspension decisions.

The Senior Associate Dean of Students or their designee, in coordination with the Dean of Students, has discretion under this policy to implement or stay an interim suspension and to determine the conditions and duration. Violation of the terms of an interim suspension under this policy will be grounds for discipline, which may include expulsion.

The college will implement the least restrictive interim measures possible in light of the circumstances and safety concerns. These actions may be implemented at the discretion of the Senior Associate Dean of Students or their designee and could include, but are not limited to:

  • removing a student from a residence hall;
  • restricting a student’s access to or use of facilities or equipment
  • allowing a student to withdraw or take grades of incomplete without financial penalty;
  • imposing no contact orders; and
  • suspending a student’s participation in extracurricular activities, student employment, student organizational leadership, or intercollegiate athletics.

All interim measures taken pending a hearing must be documented in writing to the respondent. There is no appeal process for interim measures decisions. Whenever possible, alternative coursework options may be pursued to minimize the academic impact as much as possible.