Bates Writes Six-Word Stories, Memoirs

International Writing Centers Week 2013 — Stories and Memoirs, Six Words Long

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She snored—no sleep for me.
Mariya Manahova

Indecisive teen, the master of doubt.
Nile Rabb

His bloody shirt proved my guilt.
Quincy Snellings

I rose to the top. Flotsam rises.
Tamara Gonzalez

I’m older than I ever intended.
Eileen Messina

The Angels took Mommy to Heaven.
John Smedley

Hemingway stole my six-word story.
Eliza Gabriel

All her poems were about love.
Nicole Danser

Flowers on your grave, flags wave.
Joan Houston

[Titled “Youth of Today”]
Look at faces, not your phones.
Liz Sangree

I kept busy. Did it matter?
Margo Knight

Why didn’t I just say, “Yes”?
Beth Whalon

Got rejected but not giving up.
Nicole Kanu

They said I wouldn’t make it.
Phillip Dube

Still, we sent a peaceful mission.
Jim Hughes

Once again he won the lottery.
Paul Benham

Well, that’s the way it is.
Linda Cote

April is not the cruellest month.
Perrin Lumbert

Moving again?!? After so few months?
Nancy Salmon

I’m reflected in my daughter’s eyes.
Eileen Messina

A Safe Batesie. A Happy Batesie.
James Guzelian

Icicles popped my tire. Thanks, winter.
Brendan Davidson

In memoriam: aspiring amateur lion trainer.
Harry Sudock

Wait, did you say that way?
Rachel Ryan

Wanted to write it, but didn’t.
Daphne Comeau

These days, her fake smile fooled.
Simone Schriger

Ineptitude, the skill of all.
Jane Mayer