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Winter 2019 Writing @ Bates Programming for Faculty and Staff


Public Writing and Civic Discourse Learning Community: In this learning community, we explore the possibilities and challenges that arise when students write for public audiences outside of class and studies the opportunities for teaching civic discourse in these times.  We read and discuss research in this area, explore the Calderwood Seminar model, and together create opportunities for more public writing here at Bates.  Contact Stephanie Wade for more information.

Faculty Writing Learning Community: Faculty meet bi-weekly to work on their own writing projects.  Contact Stephanie Wade for more information.

Preparing for Your FYS (Fall 2019): This Learning Community meets every few weeks in the winter. There are regular members and drop-in members. It consists of new, somewhat new and seasoned FYS instructors. It’s a collaborative, interactive and friendly crew. We meet to discuss readings in first year seminar instruction, writing and speaking strategies, syllabus and assignment design, advising and much more. To join us, please contact Bridget Fullerton.

E-Portfolio Learning Community: This is a collaborative learning community about eportfolios that has been designed by faculty from Digital and Computational Studies; staff from the The Office of Institutional Research, Analysis, and Planning; Writing at Bates; and a student from the ARC. Contact Stephanie Wade for more information.

This community will meet at noon in the Den, on the following days:

  • January 28th: Carrie Diaz Eaton, Ruth Van Kampen, and Stephanie Wade: students as designer and eportfolios that connect general education with departments
  • February 11: Anelise Shrout eportfolios and Domain of One’s Own
  • March 4: Thomas McGuinness: integrative eportfolios as assessment tools
  • April 8:  Bridget Fullerton: eportfolios within departments/majors