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Syllabus Design and Remote Learning

As we consider the extraordinary circumstances that we as educators find ourselves in, how can we design courses that take into the account the certainty that a least a portion of our students will be remote learners in the upcoming year? What can we take from our experiences implementing remote courses this spring? By honoring a few core principles in syllabus design, we can both make our courses more effective for remote learners, and make our courses more impactful and equitable for all students.

Video Workshop Handout (Word File) Video Workshop Handout (PDF)

ASSIGNMENTS FOR REMOTE TEACHING offers simple, robust strategies for engaging online learners during a time of crisis. This video is an adaptation of the first round of Zoom-hosted faculty support workshops Writing@Bates facilitated March 17-20, 2020.

Past Workshops from Writing@Bates

A Season for Humane Finals: Evoking Pete Seeger’s ecclesiastical refrains, participants in this Zoom gathering will consider together the turbulence of the current season and how we might carefully tend to its effects on our students in our final course assignments. Ideas about the benefits of formative (vs. summative) feedback and reflective writing will be offered as the group considers: What kinds of assessment is it “time” for? What purpose will our assessments serve? How might we set aside business as usual in these final moments to humanely build, mourn, and gather stones together with our students?

Facilitator: Bridget Fullerton

Dates: Tuesday, April 14, 3-4pm, Zoom Link: https://bates.zoom.us/j/310481660 

Wednesday, April 15, 10-11am, Zoom Link: https://bates.zoom.us/j/371622433

Effective Design and Redesign of Writing Assignments for Remote Learning

In this Zoom workshop, we will review strategies for designing effective writing assignments with particular consideration of the challenges and possibilities of teaching writing in remote environments. Using the PAGE guidelines (purpose, audience, genre, and expectations), we will review our expectations for students’ final projects and discuss opportunities to revise our expectations to promote student success during this time of disruption.

Facilitator: Stephanie Wade

Dates: Monday, April 13th, 3-4pm, Zoom Link: https://bates.zoom.us/j/9348198978

Thursday, April 17th, 10-11am, Zoom Link: https://bates.zoom.us/j/9348198978

Workshop slides available here

Please Share With Your Students About ARC Remote Support

As you get ready to launch your courses remotely next week, please make the following prose and link a prominent part of your redesigned Lyceum pages and/or other communications to students:

The Academic Resource is continuing to provide writing and subject-area tutoring, offered remotely. For most subject areas, students have the option of participating in live appointments, or sending in papers/assignments to receive feedback from tutors. All of ARC’s tutoring services for the remainder of the Winter 2020 semester can be accessed at ARC’s Remote Tutoring Page.