Admission Deans and Counselors

Leigh Weisenburger Leigh A. Weisenburger, Dean of Admission & Financial Aid
7084285429_b5b7cb6343_o2 Johanna Farrar Seltzer ’03, Senior Associate Dean of Admission

Alaska; California (Central and Northern); Hawaii; Idaho; Illinois; Indiana; Maine (Central); Montana; Oregon; Washington; Wisconsin; Wyoming

lk.6.12.13 LK Gagnon ’88, Associate Dean of Admission, Admission Operations

Arizona; Colorado; Massachusetts (Boston, Concord, Lexington, Lowell, Milton, Waltham and Wellesley); Maine; North Dakota; New Mexico; Nevada; South Dakota; Utah

  Jared Rivers poses for a photo on July 24, 2013. Jared H. Rivers, Associate Dean of Admission, Diversity Enrollment

California (Southern); Georgia; New York City

Freddi_Admission_041_EDIT Frederique C. Dupré, Assistant Dean of Admission

Connecticut (Fairfield County); Massachusetts (Berkshire, Essex, Fitchburg, Franklin, Hampshire, North Worcester and Springfield counties); New Jersey; New York (Westchester County); Pennsylvania (Philadelphia and Main Line)

 Misha Misha Garg, Assistant Dean of Admission, International Enrollment


katy1 Katy S. Nowiszewski, Assistant Dean of Admission

Connecticut (Eastern, Hartford, and New Haven counties; Northwestern corner); Massachusetts (Cape Cod and Islands, Norfolk and Bristol counties, Quincy, Plymouth, Worcester); North Carolina; Rhode Island; South Carolina; Virginia

 noah1 Noah C. Jenkins, Admission Counselor

Iowa; Kansas; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; Nebraska; New Hampshire; New York (Upstate); Ohio; Pennsylvania (Western); Vermont

Coming from Alabama; Arkansas; District of Columbia; Delaware; Florida; Kentucky; Louisiana; Maryland; Mississippi; Oklahoma; Tennessee; Texas; or West Virginia? Admission Officers who represent these territories will be joining the Bates Office of Admission soon. Please email with any questions.


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