Admission Deans and Counselors


Updated Scott Scott Alexander, Senior Associate Dean of Admission and Director of International Enrollment

Africa; Asia (minus Indian subcontinent); Oceania

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Updated Photo Jack Behre, Admission Counselor

Delaware; Indiana; Iowa; Kentucky; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; New Jersey; Ohio; Pennsylvania (Lehigh Valley, Central, Western); Wisconsin

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Caroline Caroline Berlin, Admission Counselor

Arkansas; Florida (Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahassee); Kansas; Louisiana; Massachusetts (South Shore, Cape Cod, Lowell, Concord, Wellesley); Mississippi; North Dakota; Nebraska; New York (Westchester and Rockland); Oklahoma; South Dakota

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Tyler 2 Tyler Lussier, Assistant Dean of Admission

Arizona; California (East Bay, Peninsula, Central Valley–North); New Hampshire; Nevada; New Mexico


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Liz_Admission N. Elizabeth Pinnie, Associate Dean of Admission

California (San Francisco, Marin, Northern); Colorado; Idaho; Montana; Pennsylvania (Main Line, Philadelphia); Utah; Wyoming

Indian subcontinent

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Jared_Admission Jared H. Rivers, Senior Associate Dean of Admission, Director of Diversity Enrollment

California (Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Fernando Valley); Illinois; New York (Bronx)

Bermuda; Caribbean; Central and South America

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Susan Susan Russell ’14, Assistant Dean of Admission

Maryland; Massachusetts (Milton, Lexington, Waltham); North Carolina; South Carolina; Virginia; Washington, D.C.; West Virginia

Middle East

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Johanna_Admission Johanna Farrar Seltzer ’03, Senior Associate Dean of Admission, Director of Communications and Outreach

Alaska; Hawaii; Maine; Oregon; Washington


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carolyn Carolyn Starks, Admission Counselor

Alabama; Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Miami); Georgia; Massachusetts (Central, Essex Country, Boston, Cambridge); Tennessee; Texas (Austin, Dallas, San Antonio)

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Jane Jane Tran, Admission Counselor

California (Glendale, Pasadena, Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego, Central Valley–South); Massachusetts (Western); New York (Western, Central, Upstate, Capital Region); Rhode Island; Vermont

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liam Liam Tran, Admission Counselor

Connecticut; New York (Long Island, Queens); Texas (Houston and South)

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C. Darryl Uy, Director of Admission

New York (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island)

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Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 5.55.14 PM Leigh A. Weisenburger, Dean of Admission & Financial Aid

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If you do not see your region represented above, please feel free to reach out to any one of us!